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Food Fight
Season 7, Episode 30
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Prod. Code: 116A
Premiered:  (2011-07-12)July 12, 2011
Wish: Mom to be a great cook
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Food Fight is the thirtieth episode of Season 7.


Tired of his mom's nasty food, Timmy wishes that his mom was the best cook in the world, but when she enters a cooking competition, the magic goes off and she has to face the challenge alone.


After watching a cooking contest with the 3 best cooks in the world: Hal Apeño, Sue Shi and Crepe Suzette, Mom wishes to be one of them and then she announces dinner time, with a horrible-looking squid casserole. Timmy and

Mom became the Best Cook in the World

Dad plan to eat Chinese meal takeout and throw Mom's squid casserole in a trap door under the kitchen table, but she catches them and they go inside the trap door. When Mom knows that Timmy and Dad throw all Mom's cooking into the Trap Door Basement, Mom goes crying. Mom's meatloaf, which became alive, caught Dad. Timmy goes back to his room where Wanda made dinner and wishes his Mom was the best cook in the world. At first it's great, she made an awesome breakfast with pancakes, weenies, bacon, waffles, syrup, etc. But after school, Timmy finds out that Mom turned the house into a restaurant called IHOM (International House of Mom), and wouldn't let him eat because he didn't book a reservation. At the kitchen, Cosmo tells him to eat the house because Mom cooked it. Chef Brad Wurst, host from the cooking show appears in the bathroom and announces Mom will participate in the show. But at the set, Wanda tells Timmy the magic doesn't work in competitions, and that Mom was going to lose. When Hal, Sue, Crepe. the host and the audience mock her squid casserole, Timmy defends his Mom and will prove her casserole is very tasty by eating it himself. When he tries it, it turns out it is actually delicious, and the host tries it and declares Mom the winner. Back at home, Mom cooks more casserole and Timmy is excited to eat it, when they both wonder where Dad is. In the trapdoor's basement, it's revealed he became the Alpha Loaf, leader of the cannibal meatloaf tribe. Now, Dad intends to lead his tribe to ransack Dinkleberg's house. But first, they go and frolic in the sausage fields.


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