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Floating With You is a song sung by Cosmo and Wanda about when they first met, to escape Jorgen to save the world and most importantly their love for each other in School's Out: The Musical.



I was lost
Till he found me
And although he confounds me
By his crown
Is where I know I should be

Yes, I know he's a moron
With a brain made of boron
And yet I'm drawn to him magically

And through every moment of turmoil
And moment of pain
Through all of our misadventures
One thing remains

Facing pixies, bullies, and jar-heads
I'll never be blue
As long as I'm floating
With you

I saw her and no other
I still lived with my mother
When I spotted her swirly pink hair

Though my shoes smell like tar pits
And I don't wash my armpits
I like monkeys too much,
But I know she doesn't care

And I know that I'm forgetful
I know I'm dim
And even though I've just eaten
I know I'll swim

I know it doesn't matter

If I can't count to two,

As long as I'm floating with you


Even though we're in deep here
And they might make us sleep here
Here with you, dear, is
Where we both make our stand

I am braced for attack and

Knowing she has my back end

All I need is his/her hand in my hand

Baby, I know
I can be nagging

I know you're naggy, too

I know that I'm demanding

(Oh, man is that true!)
But one thing I'm understanding

No matter what we go through
I'd rather go through it
I know I'll get through it
If I'm floating through it
With you


  • When Wanda is released from the hospital, Cosmo is chasing a butterfly with a butterfly net, despite it being constantly being said that all fairies are afraid of them, even Jorgan.
  • Cosmo can't count to 2 but he can draw Wanda and himself quite well.
  • Wanda's thumb print looks a little like a heart.
  • Cosmo reveals that he doesn't like Wanda because her hair isn't curly in the episode, "Wishy Washy".
  • In the episode, Wishy Washy, Cosmo and Wanda turn themselves into teenagers and do not marry each other until they were at the Fairy World Diner.
  • Cosmo has 7 zits all over his face when he first met Wanda and fewer zits in "Wishy Washy".
  • Wanda jokingly sang in the lyrics "With a brain made of boron" just to rhyme something with moron.
    • Despite this, it may be in reference to the chemical element of boron, known for emitting green flames, which reflects Cosmo's hair color and his signature color. However, she is specifically referring to his brain, not his hair.
      • Nonetheless, in Hard Copy, Cosmo's brain is shown to be green.

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