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Flash Williams
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: early 30s
Birthday: April 5th, 1970 (possible)
Personal Information
  Dimmsdale Ballhogs
  Basketball player
  Dimmsdale (possible)
  Flash Williams
  Dimmsdale Ballhogs
Timmy Turner
  Dimmsdale Ballhogs (Formerly)
The Earthtrotters
The 45ers
Other Basketball Teams
  Win a game
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Odd Ball
Last Appearance:
  Odd Ball
Voiced by:
Rick Fox
"My ball!"
— Flash Williams

Flash Williams is a star player for the Dimmsdale Ballhogs.



Much like his teammates, Flash is described as freakishly tall. He has messy black hair with a yellow comb stuck in it, and he wears a white uniform with a purple stripe through it.


Flash and his teammates are completely selfish about everything, claiming objects such as basketballs and benches to be theirs. However, after Timmy teaches them that sharing the ball would lead them to victory, Flash quickly adheres to the lesson and becomes very giving and caring, willingly passing the ball to his teammates rather than hugging it for the whole game.


Flash is shown several times in Odd Ball. He is depicted as a very selfish, hoggish player, along with the rest of the Dimmsdale Ballhogs. For most of the game, it would appear that he just sits on the bench he claims is his, clutching his basketball in case anyone attempts to take it. Luckily, Timmy comes along and shows him that if he didn't act so selfish, their team would crawl out of last place and win. Flash takes Timmy's advice, and in the final game, when Timmy passes Flash the ball, Flash shares it with his teammates rather than hogging and fighting people for it.