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Timmy: Party? What party?

Timmy: [running through the woman's department and sees an attractive woman] Hi, I'm Timmy!
Carly: [checks her arm, notices his name tattooed to her arm] Timmy?
Timmy: [opens his t-shirt and looks at the Carly tattoo on his chest he woke up with on Amnesia Day] Carly?
[Timmy and Carly smile at each other before Timmy continues his rush.]

Binky: [after being disintegrated by Jorgen at the end of the episode] Oh, Flarg!

Timmy: Hiya Trixie. Don't you want to kiss me? Aren't I irresistable? [makes kissing noises]

Mark: How to celebrate the final day of Flarg--DO destroy the host planet. DON'T destroy the home planet.
Timmy: Ugh. [smiles an unsettling smile, showing off his pink fleshy gums]
Mark: What's with the face? It's happy yet at the same time disturbing.
Timmy: Because you can't destroy the Earth because it IS your home planet now! And that would be, like, wrong! You live at the Dimmsdale dump. You go to Earth school. You've turned kickball into a contact sport!
Mark: Dude, you're right. This is my home!
[Feeling oh so happy that he got through to Mark, Timmy dramatically does a gleeful pose, smiling and clasping his hands together.]

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