(Timmy is choking on a moth.)

  • Missy: Are... you okay?
  • Timmy: I... (coughs and splutters) ate... (coughs and splutters) a... (coughs and splutters) moth! (Timmy hands Missy her phone).
  • Missy: That's different. My after-school snack is usually carrot sticks. But thanks, Timmy. Bye!

(Timmy has just wished to be a sensitive guy in order to impress Missy)

  • Timmy: Hey, Missy. I wrote ya' a song. (Timmy strums his guitar) Ow! (sobs) These strings hurt my sensitive fingers! (cries)
  • Cosmo: Ooh, he's a basket-case, Wanda. (Cosmo hugs Wanda) But he's our basket-case!

  • Timmy: Love is an empty emotion in this black hole we call life.

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