Mr. Turner: That's why I've come up with a very sensible plan so I'll never have to drive to work again. I quit my job!
Timmy Turner: [grabs the lasagna] You quit your job?! Not to make this all about me but, how are you gonna feed me with no money to buy food?

Cosmo: Super seeds supersede all kinds of other seeds 'cause they're super, see?

Cosmo: We must be over the rainbow, in a magical land of color and music!
Wanda: [reads sign] Welcome to Cleveland. Okay, I've said it all. Now go home!
Cosmo: Oooh, the magical land of Cleve! It's beautiful! Look, an adorable munchkin is coming to welcome us!
Wanda: Uh, I don't think that's a munchkin, Cosmo.

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