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Fancy Schmancy
Season 10, Episode 37
Fancy Schmancy.png
Prod. Code: 172B
Premiered: United States  (2017-02-01)February 1, 2017 (Nicktoons)
Russia  (2017-02-19)February 19, 2017
Italy  (2017-02-20)February 20, 2017
Germany  (2017-02-22)February 22, 2017
Mexico  (2017-07-14)July 14, 2017
Poland  (2017-08-22)August 22, 2017
Europe  (2017-08-22)August 22, 2017
United Kingdom  (2018-01-27)January 27, 2018
France  (2018-08-18)August 18, 2018
Canada  (2020-03-27)March 27, 2020
Headgag: Happy Ray
Created by:
  Butch Hartman
Written by:
  Becky Wangberg
Storyboard by:
  Brian Coughlan
Directed by:
  George Elliott
Keith Oliver
Produced by:
  Karen Malach
George Goodchild (supervising)
Ray DeLaurenits (coordinating)
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon
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Goldie-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears
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Beast of Friends

"Fancy Schmancy" is the 37th and final episode in Season 10 of The Fairly OddParents, as well as the final episode of the entire series.


Timmy and Chloe's parents do not allow the children to celebrate their "friendiversary" together due to social differences. Timmy and Chloe work together to see each other.


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