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Uses: Granting wishes
Deflecting attacks
Powered by: Fairy Magic
The Big Wand
Additional Information
Created by:
Owned by:
Found by:
  Timmy Turner
Chloe Carmichael
Mr. Crocker
Mr. Turner
Chet Ubetcha
Tom Sawyer
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Fairly OddParents!

Wands are the primary tools that every Fairy and Anti-Fairy needs to use the majority of their magic.


Fairy Wands are typically a golden star on top of a black stick. When being used they will generally glow yellow. They seem to vary in complexity, some episodes show them as rather simple tools, while others show them to have much more technologically advanced and/or having many latent capabilities.


All wand power (and all Fairy Magic) comes directly from The Big Wand, they are useless if the Big Wand loses power, as they require "1.21 wishowatts" of power to work.[1] Fairy Wands appear to hold magic of their own, as humans and other creatures can use them without fairies. In the Oh Yeah! Cartoons short, Where's the Wand?, it is stated that whoever holds a fairy wand has complete control over it, and has the power to grant their own wishes, plus the wishes of others. However humans appear to typically be unable to operate wands properly, likely due to not having much experience with magic.[2][3] If a fairy loses his/her wand, they will not be able to grant wishes or shape-shift, leaving them nearly defenseless.


Wanda's wand transforms into a Light Saber

Variations and Other Forms

Picture Name Description
Magic Rattles A version of the fairy wand used by fairy babies, so the baby may channel its magic and control it until they are old enough for a wand.
First Appearance: Fairly Odd Baby
Anti-Fairy Wands Anti-Fairy Wands look and operate very similar to their Fairy counterparts. However unlike Fairy Wands, they are entirely black, and will glow blue when they are used
First Appearance: That Old Black Magic
Screen shot 2012-07-20 at 8.13.00 PM.png
Magic Cellphones The variation of the wand used by the Pixies, as they treat magic like a business, they use these to maintain heavy control over their magic. All Pixie wishes are done via text message and must be approved by Head Pixie or Sanderson before they can go through.
First Appearance: Pixies Inc.
Magical Bottles The Anti-Fairy version of the Magic Rattle used by Fairy Babies; presumably a wish is made by waving the bottle in the air and squirting it.
First Appearance: Anti-Poof
Jorgen Von Strangle's Wand An unique wand owned by Jorgen Von Strangle, head fairy of Fairy World. It operates the same as a normal fairy wand, except it is much larger than a normal wand. It functions as more of a staff, rather than a wand.
First Appearance: A Wish Too Far
Emergency Wand Cosmo and Wanda give Timmy a temporary wand that will grant him 10 wishes "for emergencies only" while they are busy taking care of Poof.
One Time Appearance: For Emergencies Only
Cosmo & Wanda's Wands.png
Living/1930's Cartoon Wands When Timmy wishes himself, Pappy, and his fairies into an 1930's cartoon version of Dimmsdale, Cosmo and Wanda's wands become sentient (Everything is alive in old cartoons according to Pappy). They flee, resulting in Cosmo and Wanda having to chase after them.

Cosmo & Wanda's living wands are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
One Time Appearance: The Good Old Days

White Wand of Fire The first of three ancient wands created by the Fairy Council to defeat the Darkness. It is guitar that was guarded by the rock band KISS.
One Time Appearance: Wishology!
Wind Wand The second of three ancient wands created by the Fairy Council to defeat the Darkness. It was guarded by the Rock Guardian on the Blue Moon of Vegon.
One Time Appearance: Wishology!
Ice wand.jpg
Ice Wand The third of three ancient wands created by the Fairy Council to defeat the Darkness. It was guarded by the Polar Bear Guardian in the North Pole.
One Time Appearance: Wishology!


  • There are 3 colors of rays, Blue, Pink, and Yellow.
  • Jorgen's Wand Ray has alternated from yellow, pink, and blue throughout the series.
  • In Land Before Timmy, Wanda states that the wands require 1.21 wishowatts of power, a parody of the Delorean's 1.21 gigawatts in Back to the Future Trilogy.