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Fairy Stadium
World: Fairy World
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Production Information
First Appearance:
  Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary
Last Appearance:
  Balance of Flour

The Fairy Stadium is the main stadium of Fairy World, where various events are held in.


Whenever a major competition, magical duel between godchildren, or other event is held in Fairy World, it usually takes place in this large colosseum shaped stadium.


The stadium is usually seen on a pink cloud, with arches at the base and an uneven dip in around the top and two giant wands at each end. Inside the stadium, the seats are arranged in an amphitheater that faces a central ring, or in some cases, a field, as the environment inside the ring can be changed by magic.


The Fairy World Stadium is where The Fairly Oddlympics were held, in which the fairies beat the anti-fairies and pixies. Later this is where Timmy Turner finally got rid of Jorgen Von Strangle as his temporary fairy by putting him on a playpen in a baby costume and making all the fairies watch him. It was also the place were the annual Bake-Off that decides which fairy species gets all the godchildren was held too.

In addition, this is where Timmy and Remy had their magical duel to prove who is the better godchild. After both got tied with one point each, Timmy wanted this to end as he doesn't care that Remy has a godparent. Remy responds that he cares if Timmy does. Timmy has real parents and godparents that love him while Remy's parents are almost never home. When the final challenge was declared it became apparent Remy was about to win as he had called consultants to help think up the things that the imaginary animal he is to become has. Timmy asked his godparents to do something, so Cosmo transformed into Juandissimo and taunted him to the point where he could not concentrate due to his outer beauty being made fun of. At the last second, Juandissimo threw his wand, but it missed Remy and hit Timmy, turning him into the amazing imaginary animal. As Timmy was the one that became the imaginary animal, he won by default. Remy loses Juandissimo as part of the deal with the Magical Duel.

Although he won, Timmy felt bad for Remy and wished that he and his parents got to spend more time together. This, in turn, got Remy and his parents stranded on an island, but they were able to finally have some time together. This, however, later backfired as Remy's parents found an oil well on the island and were able to create a hotel on it; making them even busier as well as making Remy miserable again. This led to Juandissimo to give Remy his memory back by bonking him in the noggin as a "handsome purple coconut" after he saw how miserable Remy was.