Fairy pregnancy isn't like human, dog and anti-fairy pregnancy at all. In human, dog and anti-fairy pregnancy, the females give birth, and it takes about 9 months to deliver for humans, 48 days for dogs and 4 to 6 weeks to deliver for anti-fairies. Like in Seahorse pregnancy, in fairy pregnancy, the male fairies are the ones that give birth. It happens three times as quickly, meaning that it only lasts for 3 months, which may have to do with the fact that fairies and anti-fairies heal fast.


Cosmo giving birth to Poof


Stage 1

The god kid will have to wish for a fairy baby since it is hard to get one that hasn't been born in a long time.

Stage 2

The Male Fairy's stomach gets bigger due to the developing baby inside, but will only have small annoyances. The Fairy will also not be able to fly as high due to the weight of the baby.

Stage 3

The fairy will be in a lot of pain, continuously vomit, have very violent mood swings, and his stomach will become enormous. While ready to give birth, the fairy will also have severe pain. In the case of Poof, he had to be wished out since no one knew how to deliver him. It is unknown if there is another way to deliver a fairy baby since there wasn't one born for over 10,000 years.


  • Cosmo is the only fairy who has been seen pregnant on-screen in the series.
  • Fairy pregnancy is similar to Seahorse pregnancy, in which the baby is inside the male's womb instead of the females.
  • Implied by Cosmo, when a baby kicks, it appears to be the equivalent to contractions.
  • When Anti-fairies have babies, the female has the baby which is ironic, because anti-fairies are supposed to be the opposite of Fairies and Seahorses.
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