Fairy Judge
Gender: Male
Species: Fairy
Personal Information
  Fairy Court Judge
  Fairy World
  Jorgen Von Strangle
Production Information
First Appearance:
  A Wish Too Far!
Last Appearance:
  A Wish Too Far!
Voiced by:
Dee Bradley Baker

The Fairy Judge is the judge who presides over Fairy Court, a place where ungrateful godchildren are brought for evaluation.


The Fairy Judge is a good fairy who listens to reason in his cases but is also at the mercy of Jorgen Von Strangle who threatens him. Therefore, it can be said that Jorgen Von Strangle has the true power in Fairy Court, and the Fairy Judge acts more of an official figurehead of the law.


He is mostly bald with a grayish-blue colored beard and hair. His eyes are also the same color. He wears a dark gray suit with a pink striped tie. Like all fairies, he has a crown and wings. He also carries a gavel which he bangs to silence the court.


The Fairy Judge appeared in "A Wish Too Far!" after Timmy Turner had wished for things to make him popular at school. Timmy began to act more and more ungrateful, and before he could wish for his house to turn into a mansion so he could throw a party behind his parents back, Timmy; along with his fairies, Cosmo and Wanda; were summoned to Fairy Court, where they met the judge and Jorgen Von Strangle. Even with Cosmo acting as an incompetent defense lawyer and nearly implicating Timmy, the judge was almost moved enough by Timmy's apology to rule judgment in his favor, but Jorgen Von Strangle intervened and threatened the judge, forcing him to take Cosmo and Wanda away from Timmy.

After being returned to Earth, Timmy admitted his shallowness to the popular kids and his friends. Although Timmy and his friends were shunned again by the populars, Timmy, in turn, chose not to do the same to Elmer, the unpopular boil kid, and made him the official "Back-Up Timmy" in case anything happened to him. Back in Fairy Court, Wanda and the Fairy Judge watched this act of kindness on a screen, and the judge ruled in favor of Timmy, allowing him to keep his godparents, although Jorgen Von Strangle demanded that Timmy still be forced to live with a hideous boil on his face for a short time.

The Fairy Judge does not reappear again in the series, although the concept of Fairy Court, was reused again in Timmy's Secret Wish!.

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