Wanda: Oh, now we have a day without magic.

Cosmo: Well, you're nice to you every day, it's magic. (kisses Wanda)

Wanda: Oh, wait a minute, and he did not say how should last day?

Cosmo: I don`t know, why?

(24 hours later both Cosmo and Wanda explode)

Cosmo: Neat! I'm string! Yay!

(Cupid and Juandissimo learn they lost)

Cupid: What?! You people have no taste!
(A hook comes up and grabs Cupid and Juandissimo)
Juandissimo: NO! I am too sexy for the hook!

Chester: Not yet! You lied to me! You tricked me and you used me to hurt my best friend! Nobody makes a fool out of Chester McBadbat! Except for the school system, government, and every girl I've ever met!

Timmy: You have to be kidding me.
Jorgen: (through the tv screen) I AM NOT TO BE KIDDING YOU!!!!

Chester: Hey! I don't like the banjo! NOBODY LIKES THE BANJO!!!!!

Cupid: Hi mommy!

Binky: Hugs make everything better!

Jorgen: Ladies and gentlemen, the new fairy godparent is.. Norm!

Timmy: Noo!
Norm: Ah, who cares what you think?

Timmy Clone: This tea tastes like fat pink fish and stupid green fish!
Cosmo and Wanda: WHAT?!
Cosmo and Wanda: WE QUIT! Goodbye forever, you ungrateful- twerp!
Norm: (After 2 weeks of not granting a wish) And then I said who cares?

Norm: I'll tell you in song!
Jorgen: Binky, I need more ominous music. Play track seven. [Binky turns on a track on a CD which plays "Pop Goes the Weasel"] I SAID TRACK SEVEN!
Binky: Sorry! (Switches the track on the CD to track 7) Sorry!
AJ: We don't feel like thinking anymore. SURF'S UP DUDES!!
Norm: Oh, but before I grant your wishes, I QUIT! HA! IM NOT A FAIRY ANYMORE! DOUBLE HA HA!
Norm: You think I care? I still jerked Timmy out of his godparents and those two floating nitwits are out of a job! I still won!
Chester: [to Norm] Not yet! You lied to me! You tricked me and you used me to hurt my best friend! Nobody makes a fool out of Chester Mcbadbat! Except the school system, the government, and every girl I've ever met!
Norm: Uh, Chester, uh buddy, pal... easy...easy!

Girls: They're bald! Gross!

  • Wanda: Now I accept your apology!

'Norm: You're kidding, right?
Chester: Don't you see the rainbow around me?

  • 'Chet Ubetcha: I'm Chet Ubetcha, and the world is not great! This is "World in Crisis: Minute One"! The Sahara Desert is now a gigantic mudpit! The polar icecaps are melting!
    Santa Claus: Ho ho ho!.. no no no!

  • (after Chester wishes everything back to normal, the earth moves farther away from the sun)
    Sun: ...Was it something I said?

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