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World: Fairy World
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  Dr. Rip Studwell (doctor)
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  Hard Copy
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  Summer Bummer

Fairy Hospital is the main medical hospital in Fairy World. It is run by Dr. Rip Studwell, and when fairies are ill, they come here and the doctor will help them feel better and healthier.


This location has served as an important setting in several episodes, most notably being the birthplace of Poof.


Poof was born in this hospital and was the first fairy baby born in well over 10,000 years. Presumably, Cosmo had been born here prior to Poof. When Poof was born, a choir of angels sang. It is unknown if singing angels are normal for the birth of a fairy baby or they were there because of Poof being the first baby born in centuries. It seems to be outfitted like a normal human hospital would be with the assumption that the equipment would be used to treat fairy illnesses. This, also, seems to be the hospital which Wanda was in, in the flashback scene shown in School's Out! The Musical.


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