Fairy Court
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Fairy Judge
Jorgen Von Strangle
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  A Wish Too Far!
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  A Wish Too Far!

Fairy Court is a place in Fairy World where godchildren are brought when they act ungrateful toward their godparents.


The court consists of the Fairy Judge, who resides over court, and the persecutor (as opposed to prosecutor) is Jorgen Von Strangle, who seems to muscle the judge around and thus has the true power in court.


In the episode "A Wish Too Far!", Timmy Turner and his fairies, Cosmo and Wanda, are brought here after Timmy overworks them while wishing for popular kid clothes and accessories without as much as a "thank you". At Fairy Court, Jorgen asks the judge to approach the bench, and then begins weight lifting off of an actual bench press with Cosmo spotting him. Cosmo is then allowed to cross-examine Timmy as his defense, but does a bad job and only gets Timmy in more trouble.

Timmy tries to apologize, and the judge is about to let him go, but Jorgen threatens the judge with his wand, and the judge fearfully rules against Timmy. However, while Timmy is back on Earth, the judge and Timmy's fairies watch him perform an act of kindness by declaring out to the people he had invited to his party that he wants to be with friends who like for who he is not for the stuff he has. He then dumps all his popularity away and goes back to being friends with his real friends again before giving his hat to Elmer, saying he can become the new Timmy if the real Timmy fails to meet the normal expectations. After seeing this act of kindness, he decides to give Timmy another chance, Jorgen tries to protest, but Wanda threatens him with an angry fiery glare, so he agrees with the judge and Timmy's godparents under one condition. Timmy who had just decided to clean up the party stuff in his room is then reunited with his godparents, but shortly after getting them back, Jorgen forces a different punishment on Timmy for being selfish: giving him a large boil on the side of his face (temporarily since this boil is gone after "A Wish Too Far!").

Fairy Court is not seen again, although in a future Season 8 episode, Timmy is said to go on trial for being the "worst godkid ever", so it is extremely likely Fairy Court will reappear in the future.

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