Fairy Auditorium
The Fairy Auditorium
Fairy Auditorium
World: Fairy World
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Fairy Idol
Last Appearance:
  Fairy Idol

The Fairy Auditorium is the main setting where Fairy Idol was held.


When a fairy quits, the competition to decide who will replace that godparent is a singing competition, during the movie, it took place at this location.


On the outside, it looks like a classic Greek there with white stone pillars and a similarly styled roof, but with a large wand coming out of the top. However, inside, it looks like a conventional modern auditorium for entertainment events.


Norm the Genie entered the competition at this location as a part of his evil plan: to take Cosmo and Wanda from Timmy Turner and escape his lamp forever by becoming a fairy.

Secondary and main characters performed and appeared here, such as the Tooth Fairy, Cupid, and The April Fool.

The judges were Simon Sparklefield, Blonda Fairywinkle and Binky Abdul. Jorgen Von Strangle was the host of Fairy Idol.


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