Fairy Academy
World: Fairy World
Additional Information
Fairy Godparents
Jorgen Von Strangle
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Temp
Last Appearance:
  The Fairy Beginning

The Fairy Academy is a military school in Fairy World where Fairies are trained to become Fairy Godparents, to the children who need help. Any fairies who fail the Fairy Inspection on Fairy Inspection Day have to go back to this academy for 1000 years of retraining.


Fairies must go through rigorous training before they can be given the right to grant wishes for miserable godchildren. Some of the things they do in the training include:

  • Wand ups
  • Push ups
  • Running across a bridge

Furthermore, in "A Mile In My Shoes" Jorgen is shown to alter the training courses during exercises with no warning whatsoever.


Fort Jorgen is nearby.


Cosmo and Wanda attended the Fairy Academy, and Jorgen Von Strangle was their commanding officer/instructor. Cosmo's many mishaps caused Jorgen to gradually be demoted from a five-star general to a one-star general. Cosmo has caused much destruction to the Fairy Academy, causing his great unpopularity.


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