The Fairy-versary Party

A Fairy-versary is a celebration to commemorate a godchild's first anniversary from when they first got their fairy godparents.


Whenever a child has managed to keep their fairy long enough without it being revealed, they are given gifts by the denizens of Fairy World. According to the Easter Bunny, very rarely does a child manage to reach one year of having a fairy before someone discovers it.

After receiving his or her gift, the godchild is then given a special, "Fairy-versary Muffin", a magical (but bad tasting) muffin that grants whoever takes a bite from it one wish that is unrestricted by Da Rules. Because of this, anyone or anything that takes a bite from the muffin can make a wish with disastrous consequences.



  • Floss from the Tooth Fairy
  • Easter egg bombs from the Easter Bunny
  • Jetpack from Jorgen
  • Valentine's Day arrow and Bow from Cupid
  • Face changing Glasses from April Fool
  • Santa Claus's magic bag
  • A mirror from Juandissimo

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