The purpose of these projects is to document what we are doing to maintain this wiki. This wiki is growing fast, there are duplicate pages and incomplete articles everywhere. The purpose of this page is to help users contribute to formatting the article database, and to help the admin staff coordinate what needs to be fixed/moved/deleted.

Note: "Project:" is a shortcut for "Fairly Odd Parents Wiki:", the project namespace.

Active Projects

  • Project:Categories - categorize the articles on this wiki (leader:Undecided)
  • Project:Pages - pages in need of creation, expansion of short pages (leader:Undecided)
  • Project:Episodes - listing episodes and properly constructing related articles (leader:Undecided)
  • Project:Characters - creating and expanding information on character pages (leader:Undecided)
  • Project:Templates - to document all templates (leader:Undecided)
  • Project:Tabs - helping navigation for important and popular subjects (leader:Undecided)
  • Project:Linking - make important names and articles link to articles named after them (leader:Undecided)

Interactive Projects

Proposed Projects

Admin Tasks

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