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  • These policies are widely accepted amongst editors, and are considered a standard to be followed.
  • Ignoring policy could result in reversion of edits and/or blocking of editing rights.

Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

Fanon is a term that refers to fan created media involving The Fairly OddParents. This includes fan written stories (fanfiction), artwork (fanart), webcomics, and fan created videos (excluding unedited video clips of actual OddParents media). Uploading this material to this Wiki is against our policy, there is a separate Wiki for Fanon.

Examples of fan-invented material


Please post these at The Fairly OddParents Fanon Wiki!
  • Fan-drawn artwork (fanart)
  • Fan-written stories (fanfiction)
  • Fan-created comics, videos, other media.

Fanon related vandalism

  • Changing of character's ages, personalities, or inventing last names for characters that do not have one.
  • Over speculation of characters inserted into articles. They are cartoon characters, so unless it is explicitly stated that they are mentally unstable (Mr. Crocker) there is no need to speculate whether they have amnesia/narcolepsy/OCD/ADHD/schizophrenia.
  • Trying to solve the mystery of Timmy's future wife. Unless it is stated otherwise in an upcoming episode, the only official word is that it is any one of Timmy's possible love interests.
  • Pairings that are frequently featured as plots for the show such as Timmy Turner and Tootie or Trixie Tang, or other such non-official pairings are allowed in discussion for their corresponding pages but not on their main article page. For fan created pairings, use the Fanon Wiki.
Examples of fan created pairings
  • Any male/male or female/female pairing
  • Pairing characters that have never actually met on-screen or have had no extended dialogue with each other.
  • Vicky/Characters younger than her or other age disproportional pairings.
  • Cosmo and Wanda breaking up and pairing with someone else
  • Grown up Poof/Anybody

Why no Fanon?

This community has a strong fanon driven fanbase and we know that, but this Wiki is for factual information of the show and its characters, not a depository of fan related media or a free hosting website. There is a FOP Fanon Wiki which does, however, welcome fan-invented input. The staff here will not move fan media posted here from here to there for you, it will simply be deleted after a short period of time.

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