Bureaucrats are much like Administrators except that they also have the power to appoint and remove admins.

If you are a bureaucrat, then you can make other users on the wiki admins or bureaucrats too. To do this, visit the special page at Special:UserRights.

List of Bureaucrats

Bureaucrat name Signature prototype Promotion Date Current status
PookaMustard (Talk - Contributions - Editcount) N/A October 8, 2012 Active
Lord Beckett (Talk - Contributions - Editcount) TootieTalk3 Lord Beckett Timmy1 (msg) 05:29, September 5, 2010 (UTC) October 13, 2009 Active
Alfa9delta (Talk - Contributions - Editcount) N/A April 24, 2013 Active
TooYube (Talk - Contributions - Editcount) N/A July 16, 2017 Active

The Forgotten Beast (Talk - Contributions - Editcount) N/A October 13, 2009 In-Active
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