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The Fairly OddParents Wiki is a wiki that was started on  (2008-09-25)September 25, 2008 by LennonStage, who went inactive shortly afterward. It strives to be the premier source of information on all aspects of the The Fairly OddParents universe. This includes detailed information on characters, episodes, terms, objects, and other things relating to the OddParents universe. The Fairly OddParents wiki is inspired by Wikipedia, but can expand on OddParents information in greater detail and with more freedom than Wikipedia. Although at one point the Fairly OddParents section on Wikipedia contained detailed information on the show, it was eventually regulated into a handful of articles with lackluster amounts of information. This Wiki was created at first to store what was lost, but eventually it grew into a growing encyclopedia on everything related to the OddParents universe.


Website beginnings

This Wiki was first created in September 25, 2008. At this point The Fairly OddParents had already been canceled once, but was experiencing a revival. The fanbase had been shrinking since 2003, and with the poorly received series "finale" The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3, the future of the show looked bleak until it was announced that Cosmo and Wanda were having a baby. Though introducing a new character was considered a bold move by some, it evidently worked, as the Fairly Odd Baby TV special garnered large ratings, and the show was revived for another batch of episodes. Since the premiere of Wishology in May, 2009, the website has seen a steady growth, with over 300 articles by June and 500 articles by October, 2009.

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