Wanda: Poof, it's time for bed.
Poof: Not tired!

Poof: Why don't you read me a story, until you fall asleep? Then I'll watch TV.

Cosmo: Rabid raccoon, your son, what's the difference? They both foam at the mouth.

Cosmo: I probably shouldn't have let him polish off the leftover Halloween candy.
Wanda: What?! (Poof rapidly flies across the screen) You told me a rabid raccoon ate it.

Poof: I ate 11 pounds of chocolate! I'll probably be awake until Easter! (sudden pause) Then I'll get more chocolate!

Cosmo: He's a little hyper tonight.

Cosmo: The names were changed [in the fairy tales book] because no one's supposed to know we exist. (phone rings) Turner residence, Timmy's fairy speaking. (phone disappears by Wanda) Thanks a lot, Wanda! Now I can't save 15% on my car insurance.

Wanda: I'm going to read the story of Snow Wanda and the Seven Fairies
Sparky: Wait, why do we have to read all the stories you're in?
Wanda: Cause I have the [fairy tales] book.

Cosmo: Princess Wanda! You're even more beautiful than you are on my poster and you don't have a thumbtack in your lip!

Wanda: I know I've just met you but I feel like I've finally found my true love!
Cosmo: Oh no, where is he? Because I thought we were really hitting it off!

Cosmo: I'm Cosmorella!
Wanda: Oh, that's a weird name. Uh... from now on, your name is Gary Hardcastle.
Cosmo: Okay. [kisses Wanda]

Jorgen (as Grouchy): I'm Grouchy and these our my roomies, Snappy...
Cupid: Hey! [snaps fingers]
Jorgen: ...Meanie...[Foop brings the flower to Wanda, which explodes, and Foop laughs evilly] Barky...
Sparky: What's shaking, toots. Uh I mean, bark! [eats popcorn]
Jorgen: ...Bouncy...
Poof: [bouncing] I dribble in two ways. [bounces off]
Jorgen: ...And Dr. Rip Studwell.

Foop: How about a Foopy Meal. Eat it fast, because I'm kicking you out to build a Fast Foop restaurant in your room.

Cupid: My diaper is all stretched out.

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