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Fairly Odd Fairy Tales
Season 9, Episode 42
Prod. Code: 151
Premiered: August 1, 2014
Headgag: Sparky
Written by:
  Whitney Fox
Joanna Lewis
Alec Schwimmer
Kristine Songco
Storyboard by:
  Marcelo DeSouza
Brandon Kruse
Directed by:
  Ken Bruce
Gary Conrad
Produced by:
  Ray DeLaurentis
Randy Saba
Production Design:
Art Direction:
  George Goodchild
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon

Full Credits:
  Fairly Odd Fairy Tales - Credits
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The Fairy Beginning
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Man's Worst Friend
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Fairly Odd Fairy Tales is the 42nd episode of Season 9.


When Poof has trouble falling asleep, Wanda tries to help by reading him a book of classic fairy tales that have a fairly odd twist.


The episodes begins with Poof jumping on Timmy's bed. Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy are ready to go to bed because it is night time. Wanda tells Poof that it is time for bed. She poofs up Poof's bed. Poof tells Wanda that he is not tired. Cosmo tells Wanda that Poof is hyper. He adds that he should not have allowed Poof to eat the rest of the Halloween Candy. Wanda is surprised at this and she tells Cosmo that he claimed that a rabid raccoon ate it. Cosmo says, "A rabid raccoon, your son, what's the difference? They both foam at the mouth". Poof comes in with some white stuff around his lips. He knocks Cosmo away. Poof asks his parents to read him a bedtime story until they fall asleep. He adds that when they fall asleep, he will watch TV. Cosmo gets knocked into a bookshelf. Cosmo finds a yellow book and asks Wanda to read the story about the three little pigs in the blanket. When he is saying this, it is shown that he found a book called, "Fairy Crock Pot". Wanda points out that it is a cook book. Wanda poofs up a Fairy Tale book called, "Fairy Tales". It is Pink with yellow words on its cover. Wanda poofs up a butterfly net. Poof flies into the book and lands in a butterfly net. Wanda asks which story Poof wants to hear. She then lists off two of the stories. They are "Jorgen and the Bean Stalk" and "Rip Stud Winkle". Timmy complains that those are not the names of the stories. Wanda corrects him by saying that the stories he grew up with happened to real fairies. Cosmo adds that their names were changed because no one is supposed to know that fairies exist. A ringing phone is heard in the pile of books. Cosmo answers it by saying, "Turner residence, Timmy's fairy speaking." Wanda poofs away the phone. Cosmo sarcastically thanks Wanda adding that he now cannot save 15% on his car insurance. Timmy says that he is too old for fairy tales. He adds that he will read something more sophisticated. He pulls out a comic called, "Burpman and Fartboy". Wanda reads the title of the comic. She sarcastically says, "Nothing says, 'Literary Classic' like a crime fighting duo that gets their powers from eating Mexican food. She then decides to read the story of "Cosmorella. An image is shown of the character. He looks like Cosmo, but in rags. Cosmo says that he likes the story. He adds that it is about a handsome green-haired lad who saves 15% on his car insurance. Wanda tells Cosmo to be quiet. She starts narrating. A wave transition happens and a village is shown, in the middle of the village is Cosmorella's House where Cosmorella is sweeping. Wanda explains that Cosmorella was a servent boy who lived with his two evil step-brothers, "Umbrella", who like Dr. Rip Studwell, but in old English clothing, and "Mozzarella", who looks like an old English version of Juandissimo Magnifico. The two pour a bucket of water on Cosmorella. Timmy stops her to complain about the names. Cosmo sarcastically says, "Sorry, the clever names like 'Burpman' and 'Fartboy' were already taken." Wanda continues. The story then shows Cosmorella scrubbing the floor of the inside of the house. Wanda says that Cosmorella was madly in love with Princess Wanda. As she says this, the scene pans to show a poster of a woman that looks like Wanda. Wanda adds another adjective to describe Princess Wanda's beauty. Cosmo says, "Just get to the story". Wanda explains that Cosmorella knew that as a servant boy, would never meet her. Cosmorella says to his poster of Princess Wanda, "Oh, Princess Wanda. If only I could meet you. I know you would love me as much as I love you." He kisses the poster. He stops kissing a realizes that he kissed a thumbtack. He pulls it off his lip. He continues, "But alas. I'll never get to meet you because my brothers make me stay here all day mopping the suits of armor and oiling the floors." Mozzarella and Umbrella slide in and crash into a suit of armor. Cosmorella realizes that he was supposed to do the opposite of what he said. Umbrella says that he would yell at Cosmorella, but the floor never looked more charming. When he says this he is looking in his reflection. Umbrella adds that what he meant by that was that he is handsome. Mozzarella slides in on his back and says that he is more handsome. Umbrella takes a broom and hits Mozzarella with it, making Mozzarella slide to Cosmorella. Mozzarella tells Cosmorella that they got an invitation to Princess Wanda's Palace Ball. He adds that they came to rub it in Cosmorella's face. Mozzarella slips and breaks some armor. He says, "Now this suit of armor is rubbing into my face...which is still handsome!" Cosmorella explains that the trick to walking on the floor is practice and clenching the buttocks. He shows him clenching his buttocks. Umbrella explains that Princess Wanda is throwing a ball to find a husband. Cosmorella, thinking he meant an actual ball, explains that throwing a ball is not how you find a husband, but how to lose a ball. Mozzarella corrects him by calling it a "fiesta". He then says, "Ole" and his shirt rips off, which after snapping his fingers, magically comes back. Umbrella adds that because Wanda is so classy it is a bowling-themed ball with mini pizzas and microwavable corn dogs. Cosmorella agrees that that is classy. He adds that everyone knows that bowling is the champagne of sports. He says that he has to go to the ball. He adds that maybe the princess will choose him. Umbrella laughs and says that he and Mozzarella are the only ones that are handsome enough for Princess Wanda. Mozzarella says that if he went to the ball he would strike out. He asks if Cosmorella gets it because it is a bowling joke. The two laugh and then slide away. Cosmo tells them that they have to clench their buttocks. Cosmorella wishes that he could go to the bowling ball. But he cannot because he has a "barn to sharpen" and a "steak knives to paint". An explosion similar to that of Jorgen's entrance explosion appears. A woman that looks like Jorgen, but in a pink drees with a blue bow appears. She says, "Tada!" Cosmorella screams and hits her with his mop repeatedly. The woman yells at him to stop hitting her with the mop. Cosmo says that she had a fly on her head and that he is also ugly. The woman explains that she is his fairy godmother. She adds that she is there to grant Cosmorella's greatest wish. The Fairy Godmother (F.G.) suggests that he wishes to go to Princess Wanda's bowling ball. Cosmorella does so, but adds that he has nothing to wear. F.G. pounds her wand, which looks like Jorgen's wand, and Cosmorella is wearing a bowling outfit with an upside-down bowling pin hat and glass bowling shoes. F.G. adds that now Cosmorella needs a ride. F.G. Whistles and an orange taxi with a taxi driver that looks a little like Sparky, crashes through a wall. the taxi driver calls it the "pumpkin taxi". His tagline is "Orange on the outside, seedy on the inside". Cosmorella gets in. He says that it looks nice, but it smells like something died. The taxi driver says, "yeah, my dreams for a brighter future." F.G., now much snaller, tells Cosmorella to enjoy the bowling ball, but that he has to return by midnight because everything will return back to normal and the taxi driver's rates for travel double and he does not want to pay for that. He poofs away. The taxi drive through another wall. The scene changes to show Princess Wanda's Castle. It looks like Wanda's Head with a Bowling hat on it. Outside, there is the Grand Duke with a horse and Princess Wanda's Carriage. The interior of the building looks like a bowling alley. There is a long line of men. Some of them are holding bowling balls or bowling ball cases. Princess Wanda is shown on a throne with an images of a bowling ball and three pins. Princess Wanda is depressed. She says that she hasn't met a decent guy all night. She adds that she is striking out. Umbrella slides in and introduces himself. He adds that he is her future king pin. He asks if she gets it since it was a bowling pun. Mozzarella slides in and introduces himself. He adds that he has sexy dance moves to spare. His shirt rips off and magically returns. He asks if she gets it since it was a bowling pun. He adds that it is not a bowling pin. Umbrella slides back in and the two start fighting. Princess Wanda calls them losers and she pushes a red button that brings down a large pinsetter that takes the two and sends them to the end of a bowling lane where three men are already there. The pinsetter pushes the five men down the area below the bowling lane. Princess Wanda says that the ball was pointless because she will never find a husband. Princess Wanda hears Cosmorella's voice. She looks ahead to see a line of people. Cosmorella walks through the line saying, "The cab meter is running and my Fairy Godmother's a cheapskate." Wanda asks, "Who is that handsome bowling pin?" Cosmorella slides up to Princess Wanda. Cosmorella says her name. He kneels down and says, "You are even more beautiful than you are on my poster. And you don't have a thumbtack in your lip." He takes out the poster and ask if Princess Wanda will sign his poster. She does. He says that that was great and that he will grab some mini pizzas, use the restroom, and head out. Princess Wanda stops him and asks him to dance. He agrees and says that she is coming off as desperate. The two dance. Wanda says that he is good on his feet and that the other men have crashed into furniture. Cosmorella explains that he is an expert at clenching his buttocks. Princess Wanda says that she know that the two just met, but she thinks that she has found her true love. Think that she meant another man, he asks where he is and that he thought they were hitting it off. Cosmorella notices the time. It is midnight. His outfits starts to turn back into its original form. He runs out, leaving one of his glass bowling shoes behind. Princess Wanda finds the shoe and says that she has to find the stranger. She tells her guards to have every man in the kingdom try on the shoe. When she is saying this, Umbrella and Mozzarella are eavesdropping. She adds to not have Weird Leonard try on the shoe. He says that he wants to smell her hair. She throws the shoe at him, making him pass out. Either the next day or days later, at Cosmorella's House, Princess Wanda's carriage arrives. Mozzarella is watching as this happens. He tells Umbrella that Princess Wanda is here and to lock Cosmorella in his room so that he cannot try on the shoe. Princess Wanda and the Grand Duke, who is holding the glass shoe on a pillow enter the house. The Grand Duke explains that Princess Wanda requests that every man in the house tries on the shoe. Weird Leonard chimes in and says that she would like a man to try on a leopard dress. He holds it up. Princess Wanda corrects him by saying that that is his request, not hers. Weird Leonard walks away. Mozzarella says that he is the man she is looking for. He takes the shoe and struggles to put it on. It is too small for his feet and he says that it fits like a glove. He adds "that is far too small hand". Umbrella slides in and says that the shoe is clearly his. He takes the shoe off of Mozzarella and takes a nearby fruit bowl that is also glass and puts it on his head and claims that it is a glass hat. Princess Wanda corrects him by saying that it is a fruit bowl. He denies it and she says that it has an orange in it. Mozzarella and Umbrella fight over the shoe until it goes into the air and shatters. Princess Wanda says that now that the glass slipper is broken, she will never find the handsome stranger. Cosmorella enters. They all look at him. Umbrella says his name. He asks how Cosmorella escaped. Cosmorella explains that his love is so strong that he had to find a way out. He adds that F.G. kicked the door down. F.G. tells weird Leonard to give back her sundress. Princess Wanda gasps and says that he is the one because he is wearing a glass slipper. Cosmorella introduces himself. Princess Wanda does not like the name and says that from now on his name is "Gary Hardcastle". Cosmorella agrees and they kiss. A border in the shape of a heart appears and a pink background with yellow fireworks appears. It flips to show the last image in the story. It show Gary with a first place trophy and Wanda with a bowling ball. There is a banner that says "League Night". Wanda finishes the story by saying that Princess Wanda and Gary Hardcastle lived happily ever after she closes the book. She continues by saying that is what she will do if Poof ever goes to sleep. Poof says that he ate eleven pounds of chocolate. He adds that he will probably be awake until Easter, where he will get more chocolate. Cosmo, Timmy, and Sparky are in Timmy's bed. Cosmo takes the cook book and suggests that she reads "Shrimp Louie and the Bed of Lettuce". He explains that it is about a little shrimp named, "Louie" that has an edible mattress. Wanda says that he is still reading the cook book. He says, "Oh, really? Would a cook book say 'make sure you thoroughly wash and de-vain the shrimp.'" Wanda says yes. Wanda suggests reading a story called, "The Three Little Fairies". Timmy says that he is too grown up for fairy tales. Cosmo adds that apparently, Timmy is not too grown up for a story where the hero farts his enemy of a cliff. Wanda begins the story. She says that there were three little fairies that lived next door to each other. The scene changes to show three houses. One is made of Tennis balls. One is made of reinforced steel. One is made of Fried Cheese Sticks. One of the Fairies looks like Cosmo, One of the fairies looks like Sparky. One of the fairies looks like Wanda, but with construction clothes on. The Fairy that looks like Sparky explains that his house is made of Tennis Balls. He adds that he can play fetch with his guest bathroom. The fairy that looks like Cosmo says that Sparky, who is the Tennis ball house fairy, was crazy to have built his house out of tennis balls. He adds that Sparky should have used more sensible materials like he did. He explains that his house is house is made out of fried cheese sticks. He adds that he has a marinara sauce moat. He takes a bite of part of his room. He says that he burnt the roof of his mouth with the roof of his house. The fairy that looks like Wanda says that her house is made of reinforced steel and has a high-tech security system. Sparky says to Wanda, the fairy that looks like Wanda, that he thinks that her high-tech security system is a bit much considering that there are no threats. Then a laugh is heard and a shadow appears. The Two gasp. A character that looks like Foop crossed with a wolf greets the fairies. He introduces himself as "The Big Bad Foop". He says that he is there to Huff and Puff and blow their houses down while he rejoices in every moment of their misery. The Fried Cheese Stick House Owner (F.C.S.H.O) asks his to blow on his house first. F.C.S.H.O explains that it is hotter than his house in Jalapeño Popper House in the Poconos. The Big Bad Foop takes out a bottle similar to that of Foop's bottle and blasts F.C.S.H.O. He tells them to prepare to taste his wrath. F.C.S.H.O says that he cannot taste anything because of his roof. The Big Bad Foop laughs and points his laser at the three fairies, who yell. The Big Bad Foop decides to blow up there houses instead of the fairies. Wanda says that he has no right to do this. The Big Bad Fopp corrects her by saying that he does. He obtained an online law degree and bought the deeds to their houses. He explains that with 20 minutes on the Internet and a $50 processing fee, he was able to become a lawyer, which in his opinion is the most evil thing there is. F.C.S.H.O asks if the Big Bad Foop could him his card because the "Feds" are after him for moving hot cheese sticks over state lines. The Big Bad Foop tells him that he cannot because he did not get the cards because they were an extra $8.50. Wanda asks the Big Bad Foop why he wants their land. He tells them he wants to have the land for his restaurant, "Fast Foop". He poofs up a menu. It has three things on it. "Foop Burgers", which are $9.99, "Foop Fries", which are the same price, and a free, "Foop of Ice Cream". Sparky asks what flavor of ice cream. The Big Bad Foop says, "Death!", but then corrects himself by saying, "spumoni". He tells them to step aside, so that he can destroy their houses. He charges up his bottle. The three fairies run into their houses. Sparky is shown running into his. The Big Bad Foop is about to blow up his house, but decides to just deconstruct it because it is made of tennis balls. After the house is destroyed, Sparky cannot decide whether to chase the balls or run away. The Big Bad Foop helps his decision by nearly zapping him. Sparky runs into the Fried Cheese Stick house. The Big Bad Foop insults F.C.S.H.O and Sparky decision to hide in the Fried Cheese Stick House. The Big Bad Foop blows up the house. After he does this, he gets hot marinara sauce on him. Sparky and the owner of the Fried Cheese Stick House come and F.C.S.H.O says that the Big Bad Foop is going to want some pepper flakes to go with it and F.C.S.H.O pours it on him. The Big Bad Foop yells and the two run into Wanda's house. She locks the door behind them. The Big Bad Foop threatens to blow up the house. Wanda says, "not by the hair on my chinny chin chin." F.C.S.H.O and Sparky come over and notice the hair. F.C.S.H.O says that Wanda looks like a Billy Goat. Wanda says that the Big Bad Foop will have to destroy all of them before they will give up their land. Foop says that he is planning to do just that. He blows up the house, but a new one appears. He says that if he cannot destroy the house, he can relocate it. He straps a rocket with a chain on the house. the Rocket blasts off and the chain eventually brakes making the house plummet to the ground. Meanwhile, back on the planet, the Big Bad Foop charges up his bottle and poofs up his restaurant. He then adds the sign, with the slogan, "Have it my way or suffer indescribable pain for all eternity". He laughs. He poofs into the restaurant. He decides to be his first customer. As the customer he asks if he could have a "Foopy Meal". The Big Bad Foop poofs it up and gives it to himself. Cuutomer Big Bad Foop asks what a whistling noise is. Wanda's House crashes into the restaurant. The Big Bad Foop struggles to get free from being trapped under the house. He says that he should have gotten the Foopy Meal to go. he floats away, but is stopped by a laser that zaps him, making him fall. Sparky runs out of Wanda's house and says that it saved them. Wanda says that she thinks they learned a valuable lesson. F.C.S.H.O thinks that it is when Wanda builds a house, she ignores the hair on her chinny chin chin. He is still annoyed with it. He takes out two machetes and Wanda runs away. F.C.S.H.O, followed by Sparky, chases after her. Narrator Wanda finishes the story be saying that the three little fairies lived happily ever after. She says that it is good that Poof has gone to sleep. Timmy asks Wanda to read another. Wanda says that she thought Timmy said that he was too old for Fairy Tales. He says that he is, but he is never too old for shady cab drivers and exploding houses. Also, he finished his comic. Cosmo with the cook book asks Wanda to read the story of "Chicken Parmesan and a Side Salad with a Country Herb Dressing". He says, "Ah, the Country Herb. He's always up to something. Wanda says no and she says that she is going to read, "Snow Wanda and the Seven Fairies". Sparky asks why they have to read all the stories she's in. Wanda replies by saying that it is because she is holding the book. She begins the story. The wave transition happens and teeth in jars are shown. The scene pans to show a woman that looks like the Tooth Fairy in front of a mirror with green flames on it. Wanda explains that there was once was a woman named, "Tooth" who owned a duplex and owned a tooth collection, which Wanda finds creepy, but Tooth was beautiful, so no one said anything. Tooth says, "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who's the fairiest of them all?" The flames make a face that looks like Mr. Turner's. The Mirror does not know how to tell her that Tooth is not the fairiest. He then realizes that he said that out loud. Tooth says, "What?" and the mirror explains that she is not bad for a middle-age lady who does not work out that much, but Snow Wanda is the fairiest of them all. An image of Snow Wanda appears. She is dusting her place. Tooth says, "The goody-two shoes who rents my downstairs unit? How could she possibly be the fairiest?" The Mirror face comes back and says, "For starters, she doesn't have a creepy tooth collection. Second, she doesn't talk to her mirror like a crazy person." Tooth says who cares if Snow Wanda is the fairiest. She adds that it is not like there is a handsome prince coming to town. The mirror corrects her by saying there is. His name is "Prince John", he's single and rich. The mirror is about to explain why he is rich, but Tooth stops him and says he had her at "Single and Rich". The Mirror says that he does not know how to tell her that he does not think she stands a chance if Snow Wanda is around. He then realizes that he said that out loud. Tooth says that she will have to get rid of Snow Wanda. She says that she could put snakes in her bed or her pantry. The mirror is unimpressed. Tooth says that she has a lot of snakes and needs to do something with them. The mirror adds that as a reason that she is creepy. Tooth gets a better idea. She laughs. The scene changes to show Snow Wanda still dusting. The air conditioning shuts off. Snow Wanda says that her creepy landlady shut off the air conditioning, which means that Tooth is trying to kill her. Snow Wanda runs out with a bag of stuff. She runs through a spooky forest and gets caught on a branch and three tree monsters appear, one has Denzel Crocker's face and one has Sheldon Dinkleberg's face. Snow Wanda runs out of the forest into a neighborhood and into a house. She slams the door and sees the residence of the home. They are all watching TV on the couch. They are all wearing a white shirt with a red collar and red cuffs. One of the residence looks like Jorgen, his shirt has the word, "Grouchy" on it. One looks like Poof. One looks like Foop. One looks like, Cupid, his shirt comes with a pink bow tie. One looks like Dr. Rip Studwell, his shirt comes with a stethoscope. One looks like Juandissimo. One looks like Sparky. He is eating popcorn and drinking pop. Snow Wanda introduces herself. She says that her landlady is trying to Annihilate her and she needs a place to hide. The fairy that looks like Juandissimo greet her. The fairy that looks like Jorgen pushes him away saying that he's "Sleazy the Fairy". Snow Wanda agrees and the Fairy that looks like Jorgen corrects her by saying that that is his name. He then introduces himself as "Grouchy". He then says that the rest of them are his roommates. He first introduces Snappy, who is the fairy that looks like Cupid. Snappy says, "Hey" and snaps his fingers. The fairy that looks like Foop walks up to Snow Wanda with a flower she takes in and it explodes. The fairy laughs. As the fairy is giving her the flower, Grouchy tells her that he is "Meanie". Grouchy then introduces "Barky", which is the fairy that looks like sparky. He is eating popcorn and drinking pop. He says, "What's shaking toots. Uh, I mean, 'Bark'". Grouchy introduces "Bouncy", the fairy that looks like Poof, as Bouncy bounces up to her. Bouncy says, "I dribble in two ways." and then bounces away. Finally, he introduces, "Dr. Rip Studwell". Dr. Rip Studwell walks up to her and says, "You look hot and bothered." He then prescribes more of him, giving her a picture of himself. Snappy walks in and takes Wanda into the kitchen. He suggests that she hides from her in the kitchen. Adding that it is so dirty that Tooth will never be able to find her. Dr. Rip Studwell walks in with a bucked of water and a mop. He suggests that she do some cleaning while she's there. She asks, "What?" Sleazy explains that she should do dishes, wash the floor, and maybe clean out the refrigerator. He adds that Barky made some homemade guacamole that smells like barf. Snappy also explains. He says that if she pretends to be their housekeeper, then no one will suspect a thing. Snow Wanda says if it will get her out of the tooth fairies clutches, then she will do it. Realizing what the others are doing, Meanie suggests that she do some laundry. Adding that he has been going commando for weeks and Snappy will not let him use Snappy's diapers. Snappy explains that he will not do this because Meanie stretches the diapers out. In the basement, Grouchy thinks that Snow Wanda should move his weights from the basement to the attic. Sleazy insists she clean his room. Meanie insists that she do his laundry. Snappy insists she unstretch his diaper. Back with Tooth, she asks her mirror who the fairiest one of them all is now. The mirror says that it is her, but then says that he was kidding and says that it is still Snow Wanda. Tooth says that she drove Snow Wanda out of town. The mirror corrects her and says that she only ran her a block away to the seven fairies' house. An image of snow Wanda mopping the laundry room floor appears on the mirror. She says that with Snow Wanda around she will never be able to get Prince John. She says, "Well, you know what they say." The mirror responds with, "Talking to your mirror is the first sign of insanity." She corrects him by saying, "If at first you don't succeed, you poison someone with a poison caramel apple." The mirror says that no one says that and she appears inside the mirror saying that she just did. Back with Snow Wanda, she is moving the lawn. Barky is in the window, eating nachos and drinking pop. Snow Wanda asks how the front yard is a good hiding place. Barky says that he sees her point. He throws a ski mask and tells her to keep mowing. Before Snow Wanda can pick up the ski mask a Mexican Salesman walks up to her with a cart of poison caramel apples. The Mexican salesman tells her that she looks like she could use a snack. Snow Wanda tells him that he could use a shave. He tells her to take a glowing caramel apple. Snow Wanda takes it and takes a bite. She begins to say "This is delicious", but when she says starts to say, "delicious", she passes out. The Mexican salesman takes off his disguise to reveal that he was actually Tooth. She laughs. The seven fairies run outside. Meanie says, "Oh, no. What have you done to our slave?", he then corrects himself by call her, "Sweet girl we took in and helped." Tooth says that she poisoned Snow Wanda. The fairies are now surrounding Snow Wanda. Tooth adds that now that she has been poisoned, there is nothing standing in her way of marrying Prince John. Snappy tells her to wake her up or the Homeowners Association will fine them for having an unconscious girl on their lawn... again. Tooth explains that she couldn't wake her up even if she wanted to because she can only be awakened by true love's kiss. Grouchy asks if anyone hit it off with the "cleaning lady". He adds that she has not moved his weights yet. Prince John's carriage arrives. A character that looks like Cosmo, but in Shakespearean clothing and with a plunger on his head. She tells him to move out of the way because she is looking for Prince John. He says that she has found him, except his name is actually, "Cosmo the Prince of Johns". He explains that he sells high-end toilets. Tooth asks, "Your Prince John?" She says that he was supposed to be handsome and rich. He says that he is flushed with cash. He asks her if she gets it because it is a toilet joke. The fairies laugh. She says that she is not marrying him. She poofs up a sledge hammer and says that she has a mirror to break. She walks away. Cosmo walks up to the unconscious Snow Wanda. He notices the caramel on her lip and kisses her. She wakes up. Cosmo asks her if she would like to be his "Queen of Latrines". She says that she doesn't know what that means, but anything would be better than hang out with the Seven Fairies. Cosmo and Snow Wanda ride away into the sunset. Wanda finishes the story by saying, "And that is how Snow Wanda found her prince." Timmy says that the stories were pretty good considering that there were no characters the burp or fart. Cosmo corrects him by saying that Wanda did not read the part where Cosmorella ate the mini pizzas at the bowling ball. Timmy says, "Speaking of Mini Pizzas, I could go for a bedtime snack." Foop poofs in and offers him a Foopy meal. He tells him to eat it fast because he is going to kick him out to build a fast food restaurant in his room. Wanda offers Foop a glowing caramel apple. Foop asks if it is free. Wanda says yes. Foop takes a bit and passes out. Cosmo says that he is going to be there a while because he is not kissing him. Wanda then says to the audience, "And we all lived happily ever after." The screen goes black and Cupid comes in and says that his diaper is stretched out.

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