Cosmo/Wanda: (sobbing) You said the 'B' word three times!
Jorgen/Cosmo/Wanda: We must find our baby!

Pixie: We could get a big elephant and have it step on stuff! (A switch is activated and that pixie is dropped down a trapdoor)
Head Pixie: Come on people, think. A plan for universal domination is not just going to come bursting through that door.
Jorgen: Give me the baby Turner and I'll train it to control its unpredictable magic. Trust me!
Timmy: No! I'LL NEVER! You have my blessing!
Jorgen: Hahaha! I really can't believe you fell for that again!
Anti-Cosmo: And look we teamed up to double the danger!
HP: Goodbye Timmy Turner forever! HAHAHA!
Anti Cosmo: OOOhh! Wonderful evil laugh HP!
HP: Not as evil as yours AC!
Anti-Cosmo: YOU CANNOT WIN!!
HP: Bow before our might!

Timmy: I have a plan!
Jorgen: Worst plan ever!

Timmy: Hiccups? What's hiccups?! Please tell me hiccups is good!

Girl: It's an ice cream miracle!

Timmy: I made it! I'm alone with the baby!
Poof: [baby talks]
Timmy: Oh no! I'm alone with the baby!

Timmy: Too late!

Poof: Mama? Dada?

Anti-Cosmo: You cannot win!
Head Pixie: Bow before our power!

Cosmo: What kind of jelly...?

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