Timmy: Sit, boy (Sparky sits). Speak!

Sparky: What do you want me to say? I know a lot of words, cause I just ate a dictionary.

Timmy: Oh my gosh! It's a talking dog! I gotta have him!

Timmy: Go fetch the paper, boy! (Gets the newspaper boy)

Newspaper Boy: I'm frightened!

Timmy: No, Sparky! The newspaper! (Sparky takes the newspaper and walks to the bathroom with it)

Timmy's Dad: You better not be doing the crosswords!

Timmy's Dad: (to newspaper boy) Uh, sorry! Dad's not home, I'm a lamp!

Jorgen: You don't want that one. He's not too bright.

Timmy: That's not a nice thing to say about the dog!

Jorgen: I was warning the dog about you!

Jorgen: Good luck with the moron!

Timmy: Thanks!

Jorgen: Once again, talking to the dog.

Jorgen: I hate to interrupt this stroll down Loser Lane, but I've got to clean up some magic turtle poop. (walks away, shows up again) Just to clarify, the turtle is not magic. The poop is.

Timmy: Why would anyone ever bring you back to the pet store?

Sparky: Technically, they drop me off in front. They're scared of the magic turtle poop.

Wanda: Timmy, did you remember to give Sparky his Magic Flea Powder?

Timmy: Of course I did...n't.

Timmy: My dad doesn't even know how to build one!

Sparky: Don't worry, Timmy! I got a parachute!

Timmy: Good boy!!

Vicky: Warf warf, twerp!

Vicky: There's a barrel of push pins down here!

Sparky: Yes, I do bark funny, WARF WARF, see? Who does that?

Mr. Turner: (at the end) I'm a lamp.

Chet Ubetcha: This just in, Werf Werf!

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