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We're magic! Ooh! Magic! Ooh!

Cosmo during the Fairly Odd Parents Debut.

Fairies are a species of magical humanoid creatures who often grant wishes to miserable children on Earth. Their home world is Fairy World and they are governed by the Fairy Council.


Hundreds of millenniums ago, the fairies fought a long war against the darkness. They were able to subdue the darkness temporarily, becoming stars in the heavens in the process, until a chosen one could come along and defeat the darkness. Many fairies since then have used their magic to help sad human children on Earth until they grow up.

They currently all live in Fairy World, except for the ones currently acting as Fairy Godparents to children on Earth. Jorgen and the Fairy Council act as the de facto leaders of the fairies.

Psychological Characteristics

Fairies are normally very free-spirited and whimsical creatures.[1] Every number of years, however, a fairy has to go through a bad day where they are "bad" instead of good. Many fairies take it upon themselves to act as Fairy Godparents, being assigned to children who are miserable to help make their lives easier until adulthood. To become a godparent, a fairy must go to the Fairy Academy, or Spellementary School. Fairies maintain a strict policy of secrecy, and if a godchild reveals the existence of their fairy or any other fairy, they will lose their fairy and anyone in the vicinity will have their memories wiped, including the godchild forever.


Fairies are human in appearance, but with a few noticeable differences. Normally, they are quite small in size, having bodies that are about the same size as children. Exceptions do exist, such as the Tooth Fairy, the Amazonian Fairies, Jorgen Von Strangle and the Ancient Fairy Warriors. Two insect-like wings protrude from their back, and they typically carry magic wands and have yellow crowns that float an inch or two above their heads. Fairies are almost always seen floating, with the exception of Jorgen, who has a jet pack instead of wings, and is usually seen standing on the ground. Fairies possesses a fagiggly gland, a special magical organ in a fairy's body that allows them to change shape.[2] Male fairies are also the ones who have a baby between two fairies.[3]

Fairy Animals

Sparky disguised as a bone.

There are also fairy versions of the animals on Earth. Fairy animals have magic just like fairies but it works a bit differently. The magic fairy animals have are related to what type of animal they are. For example, Sparky possesses "dog magic", allowing him to disguise himself as a bone for example.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fairy Magic: Fairies have their own special form of magic; most of their magic requires the use of a magic wand in order to perform it. The most prominent aspect of fairy magic is that fairies can grant wishes, within the limits of Da Rules, ranging from the smallest of tasks such as moving things to worldwide reality changes. In its early stages, baby fairy magic is very undeveloped and unstable; though the baby can learn to control the magic overtime and with a wand.[3] Fairy magic is normally characterized by a "poof." The source of all fairy magic is the 'The Big Wand', a large tower in Fairy World which draws on the human belief of fairies.[4] This gives them their ability to float, as well as several other abilities through their magic wands.
    • Teleportation: Fairies can teleport (this ability is called "poofing") themselves or an object nearly any place they want. In some cases, it is shown that they can use this ability when they don't have their wands.
  • Accelerated Healing: Fairies are notoriously fast healers.[5] However, they are not indestructible, as they can be killed.[6]
  • Shapeshifting Via their fagiggly gland, fairies can change shape.
  • Winged Flight: Fairies possess wings that give them the ability to fly. Despite this, most fairies actually don't visibly flap their wings yet still can maintain flight.
  • Immortality: Fairies can potentially live forever, to the extent they really don't need to have babies of their own.[3] For example, Cosmo and Wanda have looked more or less the same for over 10,000 years, usually only changing their style of clothing and hair to the style appropriate of the time frame and or location.


  • Armadillos: The armor of an armadillo is immune to fairy magic.[7]
  • Belief: Fairies run on belief. This is both great power and a diminishing weakness. When those around them do not believe, fairies will become weaker.

Cosmo and Wanda trapped inside a butterfly net

  • Butterfly Net: Butterfly nets are one of the few things in the universe that fairy magic has no effect on. According to Wanda, if it floats and has wings, a butterfly net can catch it[8] - this yields true for fairies, and butterfly nets can capture and contain a fairy as their magic is useless when trapped in one.
  • Da Rules: Fairies are limited by rules and officiated laws imposed by the Fairy Council. These rules evidently alter or regulate the way fairy magic is accessed or practiced.
  • Dragons: In some instances, dragons appear to be impervious to magic. This is apparent in "Knighty Knight" where Timmy must help King Arthur Liebowitz defeat a deadly dragon.
  • Exposure: If their godchild makes conspicuous wishes, then the fairies will risk being discovered and forcibly sent back to Fairy World.
  • Fairy Wand: If fairies lose their wands, they cannot grant wishes and lose access to a lot of their abilities. Fairies must be able to wave their wand in order to enact their magic.[9] If the Big Wand loses power, shuts down, or it's "signal" is blocked, fairies will be nearly powerless.
  • Magic and Supernatural Phenomena: Fairies are still susceptible to the powers of magic. Timmy once stated that "magic can't affect other magical items" after using Cosmo, who'd transformed into a magical shield, to reflect a couple of magical transmutation beams Crocker hurled when using Wanda's magic. Timmy and Cosmo later exploited this fact by using Santa's magic bag to protect themselves from Crocker warping the world and manipulating everyone's mind.[8] According to Da Rules, fairies are unable to interfere with Anti-Fairies' and Pixies' magic, which means they can often not stop what Pixies and Anti-Fairies do with magic. Fairies can even have the magic siphoned from their bodies, reducing them to dust; they were, howrver, able to quickly return back to normal upon having their magic returned to them.[10] People and/or creatures that have super powers (like the Super Bike, Mighty Mom, Dyno Dad, and the Power Pals) may be immune to magic, while others, like the witch Alden Bitterroot, can block fairy magic.
  • Magical Build-up: A condition where a fairy explodes and turns into fairy dust. It only happens if the fairy cannot grant wishes to their godchild (as in shown in "The Same Game") or if the fairies do not perform wishes for a certain amount of time (as shown in "Fairy Idol").
  • Mystical Maladies: Fairies are susceptible to certain magical diseases, such as the Fairy Flu and Chicken Poofs. If their fagiggly glands goes bad, they will shape-shift uncontrollably.
  • Rump Roast: Fairies are attracted to rump roast, and it can be used to lure and trap them.[11]


An assortment of fairy items.

  • Crown: Most fairies have a crown magically floating above their head.
  • Magic Wand: Fairies make use of most of their powers with their magic wands, needing and regularly triggering them with a simple movement of them

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Fairy Animals

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