F.U.N. Academy
The exterior of the academy.
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
Owned By:
  Remy Buxaplenty (through bribery)
  Timmy Turner
Chester McBadbat
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Operation F.U.N.
Last Appearance:
  Operation F.U.N.
For Unruly Ne'er-do-wells (F.U.N.) Academy is a military school seen in Operation F.U.N. Instead of being filled with fun activities, F.U.N. actually stands for "For Unruly Ne'er-do-wells".


The military academy is run by former truancy officer Shallowgrave, who lost his job as a truant officer thanks to Timmy and Catman. Remy Buxaplenty was sent there by his parents, but thanks to bribing Shallowgrave and his fairy, Juandissimo, he lives there in luxury. Despite the truce he formed with Timmy in The Big Bash, Remy tricks Timmy into wishing that he and his friends Chester and A.J. had scholarships to the academy to get revenge on Timmy by making his life miserable and confiscating his fairy godparents. Thanks to their efforts, Timmy and his friends were able to get Cosmo and Wanda back and unwish the scholarship to get them out of the academy. It has not been seen since its debut episode.


Filled with darkness, the academy is surrounded by a large brick wall to prevent anyone from escaping. Before starting the courses, students are forced to get a buzz cut and perform many back-breaking tasks, and if they step out of line even the tiniest bit, their punishment is to do at least five hundred pushups. Students sleep in bunk beds and are awoken by the piercing sound of a trumpet playing the Reveille. To graduate from the military academy, all the students must complete a dangerous obstacle course, which includes leaping over obstacles, escaping several violent animals, and climbing a brick wall, which can easily be avoided by running around it.


These are the known students:

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