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Extreme Food Fight
City: Burbank
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
  Brad Wurst, Hal Apeño, Sue Shi, Crepe Suzette
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Food Fight

Extreme Food Fight is a competitive cooking television show.


Extreme Food Fight is a cooking TV show filmed at Burbank Studios and hosted by Brad Wurst, who is also the judge. It consists of gathering the best cooks in the world and making them do a type of dish, like a casserole, and the judge picks the best one. It is a spoof of competition cooking shows like Chopped and MasterChef.


It appeared in the episode, Food Fight after Timmy wished his mother would be a better cook. She ended up attracting the attention of Brad Wurst, and was invited on the show. Timmy's wish wore off, but the host still liked her food the most, so she won.


Picture Name Description
Hal Apeño
Hal Apeño Hal Apeño is a Mexican chef that appeared on the competitive cooking TV show, "Extreme Food Fight". He is a master chef and appears to be skilled at cooking Mexican food. Not much is known about him as he only appeared in the series one time and as a background character. Hal Apeño's name is a pun on Jalapeño, a Mexican pepper.
Sue Shi
Sue Shi Sue Shi is a Japanese chef who specializes in sushi. She is one of the three best chefs in the world. She has appeared in on the competitive cooking TV show "Extreme Food Fight". She is regarded as one of the best chefs in the world. Her most known dish is sushi and she uses a Katana while cooking. Sue Shi's name is a wordplay on the word sushi, a Japanese dish made from rice and fish.
Crepe Suzette
Crepe Suzette Crepe Suzette is a chef that specializes in cooking French cuisine. Crepe Suzette is regarded as one of the best in the world. She has participated on Extreme Food Fight at least 2 times. Her most known dish is an Eiffel Tower made with carrots. She wears a chef apron and hat, and fishnets. She also has a large nose, black hair, and has an ear on her neck like Mr. Crocker.

Her name is a reference to a French dessert of the same name.