Nicktoons Unite Evil Syndicate
The Evil Syndicate
, alternately, The Syndicate or The Syndicate of Evil, is an evil organization that acts as a main antagonist of the video games Nicktoons Unite! and SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom. The Syndicate is composed of Nickelodeon's worst evil supervillains.


The Evil Syndicate was formed when Professor Finbarr Calamitous stole the plans of an inter-dimensional portal through a flea-bot on Jimmy Neutron's pet dog Goddard. He used the portal to get access to different worlds and drain their energy with the help of each world's villain. In response, Jimmy assembled each world's heroes to fight the syndicate and stop their draining. They passed through Amity Park, Bikini Bottom and Fairy World before learning of The Syndicate's true plan: to build a Doomsday Device that can destroy a world in a matter of seconds. Once the villains were defeated, Calamitous called them back to attack the heroes all at once. But, even together the heroes managed to defeat the villainous group and shut down the machine, sending their villains (each one trapped somehow) back to their home worlds.



Amity Park/Ghost Zone

Dimmsdale/Fairy World

Bikini Bottom

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