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Evil Babysitters
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Personal Information
  Torturing children
  Hurt/Kill/Eat Timmy Turner
Production Information
First Appearance:
  A Bad Case Of Diary-Uh!
Last Appearance:
  A Bad Case Of Diary-Uh!
Voiced by:
Jason Marsden
"Give us the boy!"
— Evil Babysitters

The Evil Babysitters were a trio of menacing-looking babysitters that Timmy's parents foolishly hired to babysit their Timmy in place of Vicky.


These evil Babysitters were hired by Mr. and Mrs. Turner when Vicky was too miserable to babysit Timmy. Unlike Vicky, these babysitters are far eviler as they actually wished to kill Timmy and eat his brains.


They all wear black hooded cloaks, have red eyes, green skin and a dark red aura always seems to surround them. Their hands look like inhuman claws.


After Timmy and Wanda sabotaged Vicky's cheerleading try out and caused Winston Dunnsworth to reject her publically, she became too miserable to babysit. That night, Timmy's parents hired these babysitters. Timmy attempted to lock them outside the front door but their green clawed hands still punctured through the door and grabbed at Timmy. Timmy then realized that getting back at Vicky was not a good idea and tried to find a way to make Dunsworth fall in love with her and make her his babysitter again. Cosmo suggests looking into Dunsworth's diary and Timmy does so. He then finds out what color Dunsworth is afraid of and decides to enact his plan on getting Vicky to not be miserable anymore. They were not seen again afterward as Timmy was able to get Vicky to babysit him again.


  • They are not to be confused with the B.R.A.T.'s, who appeared several seasons later.
  • They may be zombies, as they have green-ish, decomposing looking skin and want to eat Timmy's brain after they kill him.
Evil Babysitters