Eustace Strych
200px-Eustace Strytch
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 11-12
Hair color:       Black
Eye color:       Green
Personal Information
  Jimmy Neutron
  Jimmy Neutron
Cindy Vortex
Carl Wheezer
Libby Folfax
Sheen Estevez
Love Interests:
  Cindy Vortex
  To get Cindy to fall in love with him
Destroy Jimmy Neutron
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Jerkinators!
Last Appearance:
  The Jerkinators!

Eustace Strych is a tall and snobby rich kid who is Jimmy Neutron's rival. He appears in The Jerkinators!.


Eustace is a character and villain from Jimmy Neutron's universe who first met Jimmy when he lost to him in a battle kite competition. He tried to get back at him by attempting to win Goddard in a bet but failed, and ever since they have been enemies. Eustace uses his wealth to match Jimmy's genius.


Eustace made a small appearance at the beginning of The Jerkinators! where Timmy and Jimmy were looking for enemies to beat. After quickly defeating him, they realize that with their powers combined, none of the enemies in Jimmy's world were a challenge to them, so they went to Timmy's instead, namely to Comic Book Dimmsdale


  • He is similar to Remy Buxaplenty in that both are rich, snobby, and function as rivals to the protagonists of their respective cartoons.
    • They both also use their wealth to match the protagonists' abilities, which in Timmy's case is magic and in Jimmy's case is smarts.

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Eustace Strych

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