Elvis Presley
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Deceased (aged 42)
Birthday: January 8, 1935
Death Date: August 16, 1977
Personal Information
  Cosmo Cosma
  Dimmsdale Beach and Tennessee
  Cosmo Cosma
  Rock n Roll
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Beach Bummed
Last Appearance:
  Which is Wish
Voiced by:
Jim Ward

Elvis Presley was a character based on a real-life person who used to be a famous singer during the 1950s before his death.


Elvis Presley was a famous singer in the '50s who created a number of controversial (at the time) songs and was hailed as the "King of Rock and Roll". After his death, many of his most loyal fans refused to accept it and believed that Elvis was secretly hiding somewhere. It turns out, in the world of the Fairly OddParents, he was hiding; or rather, buried beneath the sands of Dimmsdale Beach.


Elvis appears as his stereotypical "Fat Elvis" self, including the same white jumpsuit Elvis is usually depicted wearing.


He made a special appearance in Beach Bummed where he lives in an underground rock 'n roll world under the beach. In that episode he has Cosmo swear that he would never reveal the location of the underground world. In the final part of the episode he is running slow with Cosmo, Wanda, Timmy and Bickles, but became too tired and fainted. It is implied that he and Cosmo are friends. He is, also, very protective of his "sand lawn". When the Seaweed Monster Response Team knocked down the sandcastle of Chester and Bucky McBadbat and they wound up on Elvis' sand lawn, he said: "Do you two mind getting off my sand lawn?" He is later seen when Timmy, Bickles, and Timmy's godparents are walking happily across the water to help fulfill one of Bickles' dreams.

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