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Elmer's Mom
Stock Image of Elmer's Mom.png
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Eye color:       Green
Personal Information
  Elmer's family
  Dimmsdale, California
  Mrs. Turner
A.J.'s Mom
Sanjay's Mom
Elmer's Dad (husband)
Elmer (son)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Snow Bound
Last Appearance:
  Mooooving Day (cameo)
Voiced by:
Susanne Blakeslee

Elmer's mother is the unnamed mother of Elmer, and is a minor character who briefly appears in a few episodes.


Elmer's mother is a minor character who has only appeared in a couple of episodes. She is married to Elmer's Dad, and has a son named Elmer. Like the parents of most of the side characters, very little is known about her. She usually appears with other parents, such as Mrs. Turner, and has not had any significant speaking roles in the series.


She has light red hair, glasses, and most notably like her son Elmer, a huge boil on her face. It is not known if this boil has the same powers over them as Bob the Boil does over Elmer, but it is unlikely since she and her family are depicted as being ordinary nice people. She wears a light yellow sweater and blue pants. Her glasses are round and colored a similar blue to her pants.


Elmer's Mom first appears in the episode "Snow Bound", along with other mothers of Timmy's friends; A.J.'s Mom and Sanjay's Mom; along with Timmy's own mother. Elmer's Mom has no speaking role or impact on the episode.

She also appears in "School's Out!: The Musical", once again alongside other parents and with no speaking role, although she does sing alongside the other parents during several of the songs.

She also makes a cameo in Mooooving Day, but still no speaking roles.

She has not appeared in the series since.

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