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Eddie The Dead Gerble.png
Gender: Male
Species: Zombie Gerbil
Eye color:       Red (former)
Personal Information
  Turner family

owner: Timmy Turner

  Dimmsdale, CA
Turner's House
  Timmy Turner
  Mr. Turner
Mrs. Turner who murdered him!
  Was to destroy the Turner family (foiled)
Timmy Turner (owner)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Information Stupor Highway (mentioned)

That's Life

Last Appearance:
  Timmy's Secret Wish!


Voiced by:
Carlos Alazraqui

Eddie is Timmy Turner's "zombie" gerbil, whom Timmy often neglected because of summer camp. Timmy still blames it on his father.


Eddie is a pet gerbil that belongs to Timmy Turner, and unlike his goldfish, he is not a fairy. He made a few brief appearances in early season episodes, up until his death at the hands of Mr. Turner's neglect. Strangely, he appears again unharmed in a later episode, but is never seen again afterward. In Chin Up! the Crimson Chin had an imaginary gerbil friend named Eddie. It is likely Timmy named Eddie after that gerbil.


Eddie is a normal brown colored gerbil. After he dies, his body decays a bit before Timmy accidentally wishes him back to life (He was trying to bring the plants to life, but he wished for everything in his mom's garden to be full of life). He has missing flesh, his bones and brain can be seen underneath, and one of his teeth is chipped. His later appearance is in Information Stupor Highway, when he returns to his normal gerbil appearance.


Timmy's father was supposed to take care of him for Timmy while he was away at summer camp, but he forgot, and the gerbil died and was buried in the garden in the Turner s backyard. Though, Mr. Turner claimed that Mrs. Turner was supposed to take care of Eddie. He appears in only two episodes, one in which he comes back for revenge in "That's Life!". Timmy makes amends with him at the end of the episode. At that same point he, Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda all screamed when they saw all the other undead pets rising out of the garden and learned that the other pets Timmy owned were all buried in the garden despite Timmy's parents claiming they ran away. Eddie's second appearance in "Information Stupor Highway" where he was used as a motor for Timmy's computer before Cosmo was used, by running in a treadmill. It's unknown why Eddie was brought back to life in Information Stupor Highway, though it was probably because the episode was meant to take place before That's Life, or he gradually returned to normal or Timmy wished him back to normal. Another likely statement could be that it was a replacement gerbil with the full name Eddie II. It is also possible that Eddie was running on the treadmill in "Power Mad!" when Cosmo or Wanda were not.

Eddie the Furry Gerbil