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Stock Image of Dwight.png
Gender: Male
Species: Buck-toothed Human
Age: 10-11
Eye color:       Purple
Personal Information
  Timmy Turner
Fairy Godparents:
Irving (godfather)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Wishing Well
Last Appearance:
  Wishing Well
Voiced by:
Charlie Schlatter

Dwight is a scaredy-cat boy who was sent to the Wishing Well along with Timmy Turner and Molly due to his Over Wishing Disorder. His fairy godparent is Irving.


Dwight is cowardly and has an unusual fear of harpoons, because of a dream (or wish) he once had where he was a whale and a lot of people wanted his blubber. He was sent to Wishing Well due to his excessive wishing which exhausted his godparent, and required him to be sent there to be rehabilitated and trained to face his fears and daily chores without magic, which he and the others failed miserably at.


Dwight and Molly.

Dwight wears regular glasses, red hair, freckles, and rectangular bucktooth (unlike Timmy's, which is rounder). He acts cowardly whenever his fears comes towards him or something bad happens.


He ended up in Wishing Well due to his Over-Wishing Disorder, and was easily frightened when he was put up against his greatest fear, a stationary harpoon gun. Molly did not seem to like him at all and constantly made fun of him. Eventually the three godchildren got fed up with their treatment at Wishing Well and plotted to escape, and the harpoon gun in the room where they had to face their fears was pivotal to their escape. This was actually their final test, and the three were deemed rehabilitated by Jorgen Von Strangle, who released them back to their fairy godparents. He then introduces Timmy to his godparent Irving before everyone celebrates the rehabilitation.


  • He resembles King Arthur Liebowitz from the episode, "Knighty Knight" (red hair in a bowl cut, freckles, glasses and buckteeth).
  • Dwight wears black glasses similar to Nicky's.
  • His design resembles Liam from The Loud House, but only without glasses.

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