Timmy: Where's my homework?

Sparky: I'm eating it, Timmy. That's what dogs do. Look! I made some alphabet soup out of your English homework!

(Timmy spazzes out)

Mr. Crocker: Looks like you'll be going to...SUMMER SCHOOL! There was supposed to be thunder and lightning but I blew the budget on the frosting [on the cake that I made].

Timmy: Summer school? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Mr. Turner: Oh, it's not that bad Timmy. It will be just like camp but without the bee stings.

Mr. Crocker: Oh, there will be bee stings! I probably shoudn't have said that out loud.

Chet Ubetcha: This is Chet Ubetcha saying "POOP! POOP!" Sorry, I never get tired of that. In other news, a giant muffin is heading down towards Earth. So get out your coffee cups and butter knives cause we're all gonna dine!

Timmy: (turns off TV) Oh, no! That's not a muffin! That's a meteor!

Timmy: I saved Dimmsdale from a meteor! I'm a hero!

Mr. Crocker: You scared away our muffin, you're a monster!

Timmy: I wish everything is back to normal! (pauses) You didn't do it.

Wanda: You didn't say "something."

Timmy: I wish everything is back to normal! Something! (Poofs it back to normal) Now, to make sure it works, Wanda, do you want a hot dog?

Wanda: Are you crazy! Do you know what's in those?!

Cosmo: I'll call dibs on Wanda's then!

Timmy: Yay! Everybody's smart again except Cosmo!

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