Dark Laser: [acts out various charade moves]
Mr. Turner: You want to buy a sock monkey? You want to buy ALL my sock monkeys!?
Mr. Crocker: Fairy! You're a fairy! And I'm capturing you! FAIRIES!
Dark Laser: [shakes his head, and continues charades]
Mrs. Turner: Ohh, you're capturing Timmy, throwing him into a bag, releasing him into space, destroying the Earth, and then moving on with your life!?
Dark Laser: That's it! [everyone laughs]

Abraham Lincoln: I've always found honestly the best policy when dealing with adversary.
Timmy: Yeah, well not me, Abe.

Dark Laser: Aren't you too young for lipstick?
Tootie: Don't push my buttons, bub, and I won't push yours.

Tootie: [floats out of the house] Night dreamy Timmy.

Timmy: Oh for crying out loud, if I kiss you will you go home?
Tootie: On the lips!
Timmy: Cheek.
Tootie: But I can tell my friends it was on the lips..?
Timmy: Fine! [kisses her]
Timmy: [dully] Welcome to Turner family restaurant, can I take your order?
[Vicky, Francis, and The Headless Horseman are seated.]
Vicky: We'll take the fried twerp... [customers pull out weapons] TO GO!
Timmy: Yep, that figures.

      Crocker: I want your fairies!

      Dark Laser: I want to destroy you and move on with my life! Isn't that right Flipsie?

Crocker: And now I want to check out. [screams and runs to his truck that transforms into a jet that flys and crashes.] Ooofff! Darn!

Timmy: [After Wanda accidently vaporizes Dark Laser] Whoa, too far!
Dark Laser: [Wanda brings him back to life] Ok, ok, ok! [kneels] I surrender to your sock monkey army! I'll check out! [pushes button and his suit becomes a dress] Ah, wrong button!

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