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Dr. Vulkan
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personal Information
  Dr. Vulkan's Island
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Emotion Commotion!
Last Appearance:
  La Vengaza del Doctor Vulcan (Spanish language comic)

Dr. Vulkan (also spelled Dr. Vulcan) is a villainous spy who appeared in the episode "Emotion Commotion!"


In his brief appearance in the series, Dr. Vulkan does not actually appear on screen, but is only seen on view screens and recordings. He lives on a tropical island with a semi-dormant volcano. It is not shown exactly how he was defeated, but it is shown on a newspaper that he and Trixie start dating shortly after, much to his horror. He has no speaking role. The spelling of his name is inconsistent; it is spelled "Dr. Vulkan" on his island's sign, but the newspaper clipping that mentions him dating Trixie spells Vulcan with a "C" instead.


He wears a dark blue suit with a purple colored cape and hood over it. His face is not seen except for a pair of green eyes and his mouth. He also has a V-shaped belt buckle.


Dr. Vulkan's only role in the series is in the episode "Emotion Commotion!". When Timmy Turner had earned the reputation as a fearless kid after wishing away all his emotions, he was hired by government agents to track down Dr. Vulkan, who had already kidnapped Trixie Tang and Chester McBadbat in an attempt to lure him to his island. Timmy sees Dr. Vulkan on a screen in his watch, slowly dropping Chester and Trixie into a lava pit. After Cosmo brought Timmy's emotions back to him, Timmy became too afraid to jump into a lagoon with a whirlpool, a tornado, jagged rocks, alligators, piranhas, and a very angry tourist leading to where Chester and Trixie were. He eventually did so anyway, greatly injuring himself, because his common sense (to just wish Trixie and Chester free) was left behind. Dr. Vulkan is then implied to have been defeated, and is last seen on the cover of a newspaper with Trixie kissing him while he exclaimed about how girls scared him.

He was also featured in the Spanish Fairly OddParents comic book. He appears in the story La Vengaza del Doctor Vulcan, where he takes Timmy Turner prisoner.

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