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Gender: Male
Species: Human
      Brown (Presto Change-O)
Eye color:       Blue
Personal Information
  Vicky, Vicky's Pets
  Veterinarian (former)


  The Hurting Doctor
  Doidle, Vicky, Hurting pets
  To hurt his clients
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Dog's Day Afternoon
Last Appearance:
  Open Wide and Say Aaagh!
Voiced by:
Dee Bradley Baker
Carlos Alazraqui (last appearance)

Dr. Snipowitz first appeared in Dog's Day Afternoon as Doidle's veterinarian, as well as a couple more appearances.


Dr. Snipowitz was first introduced as the veterinarian that Vicky took her dog Doidle too to get neutered in "Dog's Day Afternoon", unbeknown to anyone that Timmy Turner had actually switched bodies with Doidle and was currently inhabiting his body. He appeared again in the episode "Presto Change-O" and apparently planned to neuter Doidle again after Crocker had had his mind switched with Doidle. His final appearance was Open Wide And Say Aaagh! as a surgeon in the Dimmsdale Hospital. He has not been seen since.


He wears thin glasses, and has gray hair. His head shape and clothing is similar to Mr. Turner's, with a teal coat worn over his white shirt, black tie, and black pants.


He first appeared in "Dog's Day Afternoon", when Vicky was taking Doidle to the veterinarian to be neutered after Timmy had switched minds with Doidle. Snipowitz is portrayed as being somewhat vindicative and it is he has caused a lot of suffering to the animals he treated, such as Happy the Goldfish, Shiver the Cat, and Ginny the Parrot. All of these animals were Vicky's Pets, who looked and acted quite unhappy, and unhealthy. Timmy, as Doidle, managed to escape Dr. Snipowitz and wish himself back into his own body. Doidle is then captured, and Vicky says he is being brought back to Dr. Snipowitz to be neutered. At the end of the episode, Doidle is seen looking sad like Vicky's other pets, though in later episodes he returns to his normal, aggressive, Timmy biting self.

Dr. Snipowitz showing his operating "tools" to Vicky. (Dog's Day Afternoon)

He also briefly appeared in "Presto Change-O" when Timmy had switched bodies with Doidle. He also does not seem to have a very good memory as he was planning to neuter Doidle again, apparently not recognizing him.

Dr. Snipowitz's mistreatment of pets resulted in him being transferred to the Dimmsdale Hospital where he, apparently, continue to cause suffering this time to humans there instead. He also had a stereotypical Igor assistant. He was originally going to be the doctor who was going to take Timmy's tonsils out, but Timmy managed to escape him and had Cosmo perform the procedure with magic instead. Vicky instead was the one who fell into Dr. Snipowitz and his Igor assistant's clutches, who had her strapped to a bed so she could be given a twerpectomy. This episode was the last time Dr. Snipowitz has appeared so far.


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Dr. Snipowitz