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Dr. Rip Studwell's Office
World: Fairy World
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Hard Copy
Last Appearance:
  Summer Bummer



Dr. Rip Studwell's doctor office has light blue walls, white floors white light squares on them and has lots of tools in it. It is located inside the Fairy Hospital.


  • Cosmo
  • Poof
  • Anti-Cosmo
  • Beacon Man

Medications and Surgeries

  • Surgery for 'The Stupid'
  • Medicine for the Chicken Poofs
  • The Gland Plan Surgery
  • Fairy Baby birth


Dr. Studwell's office first appeared in the Gland Plan when it was revealed that Cosmo needed a Fagiggly Gland transplant from Anti-Cosmo. It later appeared in Hard Copy when Cosmo needed to go to the hospital for surgery.

In Fairly Odd Baby, this office is the location of a major scene in the movie, being the location of Poof's birth, and Head Pixie, Anti-Cosmo and Jorgen Von Strangle's efforts to take him for themselves.

In Chicken Poofs, Poof gets sick with the Chicken Poofs and needs to be cured of it before he accidentally turns the entire town into chickens.


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