Dr. Bill is a television show within The Fairly OddParents that is watched by Timmy's parents. He plays a minor role in Poof's Playdate, where he provides the "Bad Parent Test" for any onlookers.


The Bad Parent Test


Dr. Bill informs his viewers that the signs of bad parenting are evident in a child. If a child says "I'm busy" a lot, stays in his room alone for long periods of time, and uses a lot of paper towels, then he is raised by bad parents. After seeing Timmy state that he's busy, urge his parents not to come into his room, and take a whole roll of paper towels up to his room, Mr. and Mrs. Turner realize that they are bad parents and decide to spend more family time with their son. Dr. Bill suggests some ideas for family fun--jumping on the couch together, baking brownies, and playing croquet.


  • Dr. Bill and his show are a reference to the real life Dr. Phil show.
  • Innuendo: A child staying alone in his room for long periods of time, refusing to let anyone in, and using many paper towels implies that he may be masturbating.
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