"My name is Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome!"

Timmy Turner: Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome?
Doug Dimmadome: That's right, Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome!

"That's right!"

"Thats right, Doug Dimmadome! Billionare, real-estate tycoon, and de-stroyer of cherished childhood dreams! Like yours!"

"Dimma-darn! And I was going to pay you ten thousand dimma-dollars!"

"Listen here missy moo moo, you deliver that car to my Precariously Perched Cliff-side Estate, and this here giant wad of money is yers!"

(on the phone)
Vicky: I'm on my way, Mr. Dimmadork!
Doug Dimmadome: What?
Vicky: Uh, Dimmadome! Just start winding up my cash!
Doug Dimmadome: It's a dimma-deal!
Vicky: Dimma-don't go changin'!

"You realize of course the dimma-deal is dimma-done."

Doug Dimmadome: Welcome to the offices of Dimmadelphia Cable! I'm Doug Dimmadome, owner and president. What can I do for you two while I wait for security to show up and throw you out?
Mrs. Turner: Oh please, Mr. Dimmadome! Our son Timmy ran away because we didn't believe him when he said Vicky was evil!
Doug Dimmadome: What!? Haven't you ever heard of that Chip Skylark song, "Icky Vicky"? What did you think that song was about anyway, pumpkins?
Mr. Turner: Yes.
Mrs. Turner: We have to get a message to Timmy and let him know we're sorry!
Doug Dimmadome: Timmy, eh? Well, he did reunite me with my long lost son, but then again he did try to thwart my efforts to bulldoze Dimmsdale Flats, he also got in the way of me getting the Striker Z race car, but then again it was a screaming metal death trap. On the other hand...
Mr. Turner: Ohh, c'mon. While he is babbling incoherently in that odd Southern drawl, lets get a televised message to Timmy!
Doug Dimmadome: ...But he did ruin my chances of moving the Ballhogs to Alaska, and I had already bought them blubber nuggets! But they were chewy!

Mrs. Turner: Oh, how can we ever thank you?
Doug Dimmadome: By getting the heck out of my office. That kid is nothing but trouble!
(security grabs the Turner family and throws them out)
Doug Dimmadome: But then again, he did teach me the greatest love of all is inside of me. (tears form at his eyes)

"More milk, more mind control! And more mind control, more money!"

Doug Dimmadome

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