Doug Dimmadome's Rocket
Uses: Space flight
Transport the Turner family to the Death Ball
Powered by: Combustion
Additional Information
Built by:
  Dark Laser
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Please Don't Feed The Turners
Last Appearance:
  Please Don't Feed The Turners

Doug Dimmadome's Rocket is a space launch vehicle that Dark Laser tricked the Turner family into boarding, under the guise of Doug Dimmadome, so that it would take them to the Death Ball, and Dark Laser puts the Turner family in an alien zoo.


Dark Laser took the disguise of Doug Dimmadome and then convinced the Turner family that they had won a trip into outer space. They boarded this rocket outside their house and were launched into space, where they are captured and taken aboard Dark Laser's Death Ball to be held in a space zoo.


It is shaped like a silver rocket, with a cow horn hat and cowboy boots.

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