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Douglas "Doug" Dimmadome
Stock Image of Doug Dimmadome
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Eye color:       Blue
Personal Information
  The Dimmadome
Dimmadelphia Cable
Dimmadome Acres
  Real Estate Agent
Owner of the Dimmadome
Destroyer of Cherished Childhood Dreams
  Dimmsdale, CA
Precariously Perched Cliff-side Estate
  Everybody in Dimmsdale
  Timmy Turner (sometimes)
  Business, Money, Striker Z
  Making money
Dale Dimmadome (son)
Unnamed Daughter-in-Law
Dev Dimmadome (grandson)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Nectar of the Odds
Last Appearance:
  Fly (Mentioned)
Voiced by:
Jim Ward
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"I am Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome!"
— Doug Dimmadome's catchphrase


Doug Dimmadome is the major business owner in Dimmsdale. He is sometimes featured as a villain, one time attempting to mind control the citizens of Dimmsdale with tainted milk, although sometimes he does help Timmy Turner. In Channel Chasers, this conflict of character was referenced, when Mr. and Mrs. Turner asked him for help finding Timmy, Doug spent the next several minutes debating with himself whether or not he should help Timmy due to his past experiences with Timmy. By the time he made up his mind though the Turner parents had already used his studio and reunited with Timmy. Doug then had security throw the Turners out though he admits to himself that Timmy taught him that the greatest love of all is inside of him.


He usually introduces himself by name as well as what he owns, usually something pertaining to that episode. He wears a white Texas businessman garb with a ten gallon hat. In four of the episodes, the top of his hat is infinitely tall; in others, however, his hat is regular sized (as in Channel Chasers). He speaks in a stereotypical southern drawl, oftentimes repeating himself and speaking in a tongue-twisting manner. He is assumed to be the wealthiest person in Dimmsdale. His long lost son, Dale, was living in poverty underneath Vicky's lemonade stand when he found him (because Dale was one of the many people that Vicky used to make her lemonade so she can have the greatest lemonade ever, and thus earn tickets to Crash Nebula: On Ice). It's not known how Doug was first separated from his son, but after their initial appearances, Doug Dimmadome does not appear with his son again, but he does keep a picture of his son in his wallet (as shown in Channel Chasers).


Doug's status as a villain, ally, or a neutral character change between each of his appearances. Sometimes his greed and enterprising causes problems for the small town, but other times he is willing to help Timmy. Usually however, he just wants to make money, and will take care of anybody that tries to stop him. He usually owns an entirely new business each time he appears in an episode.


Doug Dimmadome is shown to own the following assets:

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