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Wanda: Cosmo, you got a letter!
Cosmo: Ooooh, which one? R, C, 33? Open it, open it!
Wanda: Oh no! Uh, I mean, congratulations! You won a thousand million dollars!

Timmy: You have a brother? How come I've never met him?
Cosmo: Because, Schnozmo's always super busy. He invented Canada, found a cure for spaghetti, and saved the Walla Walla monkeys from extinction.

Schnozmo: Why it's great to see you, Cosmo. Almost as great as you getting to see me!

Schnozmo: Fingerprints, scanner and an X-ray machine. Wanda, you're beautiful when you don't trust me.
Wanda: Then I must be really gorgeous. Now give me back my earrings!
Schnozmo: [chuckles and takes Wanda'a earrings from his coat] How'd those get in there?

Timmy: Hi, Uncle Schnozmo. I'm-
Schnozmo: Now don't tell me, you're Cosmo and Wanda's godchild Lorenzo.
Timmy: Timmy.
Schnozmo: That's what I said, hello? [knocks on Timmy's head]

Schnozmo: The truth is, I'm not just handsome, mild-mannered Schnozmo anymore. You're now looking at super handsome, secret agent Double-oh Schnozmo!

Schnozmo: Cosmo, I'm going to ask you a very important question. Do. You. Love. Fairyworld?!
Cosmo: Yes! Is that the right answer?

Schnozmo: Now, have you ever heard of the evil fiend known as Dr. Maybe?
Wanda: No.
Timmy: No.
Cosmo: Maybe?

Schnozmo: Cosmo, I'll need to keep your wand and this jar of pickles and Horacio's TV.

Schnozmo: [after Cosmo throws away the ham] Hey, it's raining ham! What a great island!

Cosmo: What do you want? You've already taken my trust. And my ham.
Schnozmo: Cosmo! You have to help me. I was pretending to be a liar to throw off Dr. Maybe. But he's on to me now.
Cosmo: Yay! I knew you were lying when you said you were lying!

Cosmo: The evil lair of Dr. Maybe! Neat! Is he here?
Timmy/Dr. Maybe: Maybe...
Poof: Poof, poof! Miaow, poof!
Schnozmo: Two words - You-got-to be-kidding--- [he is zapped by Wanda] I mean, we-meet-again, Dr.-Maybe!

Schnozmo: I've come for my wand, Dr. Maybe! I bet I'll find it if I dive into this pit of angry alligators. Wait, what?

Timmy/Dr. Maybe: Double-Oh Schnozmo! The wand is definitely not hidden behind this vault. If I were you, I wouldn't press this button.
Schnozmo: At this point, only an idiot would press that button.
Cosmo: On it! [presses the button]

Jorgen: Hey, where is my wallet? And my earrings? Schnozmoooooo!

Schnozmo: Two words - Schnozmo has-arrived.

Timmy/Dr. Maybe: Dr. Maybe surrenders...

Schnozmo: Who is this cute toddler? [Poof bites his hand]
Cosmo: It's your nephew, Poof!

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