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  • Her name is believed to be Dolores-Day. It should be noted though that she used this name on an Internet dating site for an obviously fabricated profile, and most of the time, she is simply called "Mother" by her son Denzel or "Mrs. Crocker" in the credits.
  • In every episode that she appeared in so far, Mr. Crocker appeared as well, except "Miss Dimmsdale" and "Love at First Bark".
  • She is shown to live up to the age of 130 in Timmy's Secret Wish!, making her the oldest person in recorded history.
  • Like her son Denzel Crocker, Dolores-Day Crocker has made more appearances in the series since Season 7 onward. Her appearances exploded in Season 9, and appeared in most episodes featuring Crocker.
  • Her behavior is similar to Agnes Skinner (Principal Seymour Skinner's mother) from The Simpsons, because both treat her sons like little kids.
  • In Turner & Pooch, it is revealed she is allergic to dogs.
  • In Cosmonopoly, it is revealed she is allergic to raw fish.
  • In Marked Man, it is revealed that she is a secret agent.
  • In Chip off the Old Crock!, it is revealed that she has a daughter who is the estranged half-sister of Denzel Crocker.
    • She is also revealed to be a grandmother to her daughter's son Kevin Crocker.
Dolores-Day Crocker