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Dog Gone
Season 9, Episode 17
Prod. Code: 136A
Premiered: July 28, 2014
Wish: To have Mrs. Turner make something that Mr. Ed Leadly would enjoy eating.
Headgag: Toilet
Created by:
  Butch Hartman
Story by:
  Alec Schwimmer
Written by:
  Kevin Arrieta
Ray DeLaurentis
Will Schifrin
Sindy Spackman
Kevin Sullivan
Storyboard by:
  Marcelo DeSouza
Fred Gonzales
Directed by:
  Gary Conrad
Produced by:
Production Design:
Art Direction:
  Ernie Gilbert
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon

Full Credits:
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Dog Gone is the 17th episode of Season 9 of The Fairly OddParents.


Mr. Turner refuses to sell Sparky to his boss, who makes his life miserable at work. So, Timmy and Sparky make up a plan.


It is nighttime at the Turner's House. Timmy and his mother are eating steak. Sparky is eating a burger with fries. Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof are in fish form. They are all in the kitchen. Outside the window, Mr. Turner appears upside down with a walkie talkie. Mr. Turner says that there is an emergency and it is code "lead". He gets in the kitchen and repeats that it is a code "lead". He flips over the table, his family, and the pets. Mr. Turner walks over to his family. His son and wife are sitting. Sparky is leaning over a tipped table. The fishbowl is next to the table. Mr. Turner explains that his boss, Mr. Ed Leadly, is coming over for dinner that night and he wants to impress him. Mrs. Turner asks why he did not tell her earlier. He says that he did. He says that he used the most reliable form of communication he know, Semaphore flags. He then takes out two flags that are similar to the ones that mean "O". He waves them around. Sparky turns his head. Mr. Turner explains that it is just like talking, except with flags and no words.

The doorbell rings and Mr. Turner stops waving the flags around. Mr. Turner says that Mr. Ed Leadly is here and that some idiot ruined the food by flipping the table over. Timmy explains that it was Mr. Turner who flipped over the table. Mr. Turner says there is no time to point fingers. He says that he will distract Mr. Ed Leadly while Mrs. Turner makes a delicious five course meal. Mrs. Turner says, "Five course?" she then walks over to a book and says that she is glad that she has a cook book. She starts reading it. Timmy notices that it is a Car Manual. Timmy points that out. Mrs. Turner does not believe him and asks him to get some antifreeze for some antipasto. Mr. Turner opens the door and greets Mr. Ed Leadly. Mr. Turner shows Mr. Ed Leadly his trophy collection. Mr. Ed Leadly points out that they are all women's bowling trophies. He says that Mr. Turner is not a woman. Mr. Turner agrees and says that the person he bought them from was. Mrs. Turner says, "Time for Apa-tires" and rolls a tire into the living room. It hits Mr. Ed Leadly. He goes flying. Mr. Turner runs over to Mr. Ed Leadly. He is laying on the floor. His shoes and socks have been knocked off. Using the flags and his own words, Mr. Turner complements his wife's ability to knock Mr. Ed Leadly's socks off.

Later, Mr. Turner, Mr. Ed Leadly, Timmy, Sparky are around the dining room table (which has appeared in such episodes as Apartnership! and Timmy's 2-D House of Horror). Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof, still in fish form, are in their bowl, which is on the table. Mrs. Turner comes into the room with a covered dish. Mrs. Turner reveals the dish as, "Steak Tar-Tire". Mr. Ed Leadly looks surprised when the dish is revealed. Mrs. Turner says that there is more where that came from. She says that she took all of the tires off of the "fancy car" in there front yard. Mr. Ed Leadly says that that was his car. Upset, Mr. Ed Leadly says that he is trapped at the Turner House. He adds that it is like the beginning of a horror movie. Mr. Turner comes in with a ski mask on and holding a operating chainsaw. He says that bosses get the first piece. He starts to cut into the tires, but the chainsaw slips and makes a circle around Mr. Ed Leadly's hair. He falls into the basement. Timmy tells his fairies that he needs to help his father before it gets worse. Timmy wishes that his mother would serve something Mr. Ed Leadly would enjoy eating. They grant his wish and the tire pieces are replaced with a stack of steaks.

Mr. Ed Leadly gets out from the basement and says that the food smells edible. He takes a steak, cuts into it, and eats it. All, but the fairies are eating steak. Mr. Ed Leadly satisfyingly says that that is the best steak he has ever had. He adds that it almost makes up for the pencils he landed on in the basement. Mr. Turner says that the pencils are not stolen from work (The way he says it suggests that he is lying). Suddenly, Mr. Ed Leadly starts choking. Mr. Turner notices this and adds that Mr. Ed Leadly is also trying to says something. Mr. Turner offers Mr. Ed Leadly his flags. Mr. Ed Leadly takes them and starts to wave them around. Mr. Turner mistranslates his signals as there being a German U-boat under the table. Mr. Turner says, "Dive! Dive!". He and his wife then dive under the table. Sparky says that he will save Mr. Ed Leadly. Sparky then gives does the Heimlich Maneuver to Mr. Ed Leadly. Mr. and Mrs. Turner pop their heads out from under the table. Mr. Ed Leadly says that their dog saved him. He says that he will do the thing he does with everything that he likes, buy it. He offers $17,000,000 for Sparky. Mr. Turner says, "Sold!" He adds that for $17,000,000, he will add the trophies and the pencils in the basement. Timmy stops the deal from going any further. He then apologizes to Mr. Ed Leadly, saying that Sparky is not for sale. Timmy says that Sparky is his dog and that he loves him. Mr. Turner asks if Timmy could love $17,000,000. Timmy responds by saying, "No." He adds that his dad cannot sell Sparky. Mr. Turner apologizes to Mr. Ed Leadly, saying that if Sparky makes Timmy happy, he cannot sell Sparky. Mr. Turner then turns to Timmy and adds that Timmy does not seem to be too concerned with Mr. Turner's happiness. Mr. Turner then walks over to Mrs. Turner, crying as his wife comforts him. Mr. Ed Leadly adds that Mr. Turner is going to regret his decision. He says that he always gets what he wants and that if he cannot have Sparky, he will ruin Mr. Turner's life. Mr. Ed Leadly leaves. Mr. Turner falls through the hole. Mr. Turner furiously says that he curses the pencils.

The scene changes to show the exterior of Pencil Nexus. The scene pans up to Mr. Ed Leadly's office. Inside, Mr. Turner walks to the desk from the elevator. He greets Mr. Ed Leadly. Mr. Turner says that he hopes that Mr. Ed Leadly is happy with not getting Sparky. Mr. Ed Leadly says that he is fine. He says that on an unrelated note, he has a super dangerous and painful job for Mr. Turner. Mr. Turner says thanks, but he is married. Mr. Ed Leadly says that he is not going to marry Mr. Turner. Mr. Ed Leadly says that Mr. Turner will be moved to the Pencil Testing Room, where he will test the durability of pencils and regret not giving Sparky to Mr. Ed Leadly.

The scene changes to show a crash test dummy holding a pencil in a room that has a metal background. The dummy moves to the right and Mr. Turner is shown holding a pencil. Mr. Turner gets shocked with laser. He moves to the right. It is revealed that he was on a conveyor belt. A piano falls on him. His arm comes out of the piano and the pencil is fine.

The scene changes to show Mr. Turner standing in front of a door. A herd of bulls comes out of the door and tramples Mr. Turner. Mr. Ed Leadly walks up to Mr. Turner and asks if he can have the dog. Mr. Turner says no. He adds that the pencils are very durable and that none of them broke. Mr. Ed Leadly says that he will have to turn up the heat. He adds that he thinks that it is ironic due to the fact that Mr. Turner is being sent to the Pencil Freezing Room.

The scene changes to show Mr. Turner hanging upside-down in the Pencil Freezing Room. There is also meat hanging and pencils sticking out of blocks of ice. A snow leopard walks up to Mr. Turner. Mr. Turner greets the snow leopard. Mr. Turner tells the snow leopard to pick the other meat. The snow leopard yells. The scene changes to show Mr. Ed Leadly outside of the room. the snow leopard and Mr. Turner are heard. Mr. Turner drags himself out. Mr. Ed Leadly asks if he can have Sparky. Mr. Turner says no. He says, "You can take my dignity, well the snow leopard did that, and you can take my spleen, well the snow leopard also did that, but you can't take my son's dog." He starts crying. Mr. Ed Leadly says that he will see Mr. Turner the next day at 8:00 AM. He walks into a room with a sealed off area that has giant pencils that have poles, horizontal through them. They are rotating. Mr. Ed Leadly tells Mr. Turner that he will be in the "Penci-Fuge". Mr. Turner asks if Mr. Ed Leadly built the Penci-Fuge to test pencils that are going into space. Mr Turner calls the pencils, "Space Pencils" and "Spencils". Mr. Ed Leadly says no. He says that he built it to abuse employees. He rhetorically asks, "Who sends pencils into space?" He adds that Mr. Turner is stupid.

The scene changes to show the exterior of the Turner House. Mr. Turner is then shown on the sofa. He is in a full-body cast. He is moaning in pain, torture and despair. Timmy asks his dad if he knew that there was a snow leopard outside. He says that he did and that he rode the snow leopard home because he cannot feel his legs. Timmy asks if Mr. Ed Leadly did this to him because he wouldn't give up Sparky. Mr. Turner says yes. He says that it was worth it to keep Sparky. He says that there was lightning and bulls and the next day he becomes a space pencil. He begins to cry. He finishes his thought by saying, "or the Spencil, if you will." He slouches over Timmy shoulder.

The scene changes to show Timmy's room. Wanda and Poof are watching Cosmo and Sparky play Checkers on Timmy's bed. Timmy walks in and says that he feels terrible for his dad. He says that Mr. Ed Leadly is torturing his dad because he did not give up Sparky. Wanda says, "If only there was a way for you and Mr. Leadly to both have Sparky." Timmy says that there is. He says that they will pretend to give Sparky to Mr. Ed Leadly. He adds that Sparky can poof back to the Turner house when Mr. Ed Leadly is not around. Cosmo says that that is a coincidence because Cosmo poofs over to Mr. Ed Leadly's Mansion when Timmy is not around.

A flashback starts. Mr. Ed Leadly is shown in a hot tub. Cosmo poofs into the hot tub. He tells Mr. Ed Leadly to stop hogging the jets. Mr. Ed Leadly screams and he runs away, freaking out by seeing Cosmo, saying that the Hot Tub Ghost is back.

The scene returns to Timmy's room. Sparky says that sharing Sparky with Mr. Ed Leadly is a great idea. Cosmo says that he will like it at Mr. Ed Leadly's house. He says that he will have to bring his own swim suit because Mr. Ed Leadly does not like it when people use his hot tub naked.

Timmy and Sparky walk into the living room to see a nervous Mr. Turner biting his nails. Mr. Turner says that he is so nervous about going to work that he has run out of nails to bit. His hands are shown. His fingers look like pencils. He says that he started biting the pencils that he did not steal. Timmy says, "Dad, It's okay cause--" He is interrupted by Mr. Ed Leadly who slams open the front door. He says that he wants to take Mr. Turner to a big breakfast before he is put in the Penci-Fuge. Timmy says that that won't be necessary. He says that he has decided to give Sparky to Mr. Ed Leadly to stop Mr. Ed Leadly from being mean to his father. Mr. Turner says that he cannot allow Timmy to do that. He starts crying. He then leans over to Mr. Ed Leadly and gives him Sparky, saying, "Take the dog before the boy changes his mind." He is surprised that Mr. Turner is giving him Sparky. Mr. Ed Leadly adds that Mr. Turner is spineless and not just because he dropped a piano on him. Mr. Turner says, "There's no winning with you." Mr. Ed Leadly and Sparky leave the Turner House. Sparky and Timmy give each other a thumbs up. Mr. Turner thanks Timmy and says that he is a good son. He says that Timmy should close his eyes. He takes out the flags, waves them around, and says that he is telling Mr. Ed Leadly some "off-color" things. The scene changes to show Timmy's room. It is nighttime. Timmy is reading a book. Timmy's alarm clock reads, "9:59". Timmy stops reading the book. He says that it is getting late. Mr. Ed Leadly should be going to bed which means that Sparky can return. Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof poof into the room. Cosmo says that if Mr. Ed Leadly is going to bed, then he will head to the hot tub wearing only a smile. He poofs away. However, his clothes remain. They float to the ground. Sparky poofs in. Wanda says that that was a good thing for Timmy and Sparky to help Mr. Turner. Timmy says that it was no big deal. He then says, "besides, what could possibly go wrong." Sparky says that he had an accident on Mr. Ed Leadly's lawn. He says that he drove his sports car into a tree. Mr. Ed Leadly blamed the hot tub ghost. Wanda says, "Anyway, because of what you two did, your father is going to sleep well tonight."

The scene changes to show Mr. Turner struggling in his sleep. It seems that they were wrong about thought that Mr. Turner will sleep well. Mr. Ed Leadly's voice is heard. He is saying, "You let me take your son's dog." and "You're Spineless." twice. Mr. Turner wakes up. Mr. Turner looks at his wife who is talking in her sleep. She says, "You're Spineless." Mr. Turner unenthusiastically says that Mrs. Turner is doing impressions in her sleep again. He also says that he can't stop thinking about giving up Sparky. He says that he thinks it will pass. He then looks at the door and says that it is passing the door. The scene shows Sparky's hind paws passing the door. Mr. Turner looks out his door. Mr. Turner says that he smells "General Mao's Orange Chicken. He says that that is Sparky's favorite midnight snack. He asks, "What Kind of Voodoo is this?"

He runs to the kitchen and then angrily says, "Sparky." Mr. Turner is surprised to see Sparky cooking. Mr. Turner says that his guilty mind is playing tricks on him. Sparky stops cooking and walks by Mr. Turner, saying, "Yes. You're seeing things." He then goes to the table and puts the chicken in a Chinese restaurant take-out container. He says that he is going to take the chicken and go. He then corrects himself by saying, "...I'm not here." He floats up to Mr. Turner and says that Mr. Turner is crazy. Sparky poofs away. Mr. Turner heads over to the table and sits down. He says that he was crazy to give Sparky to Mr. Ed Leadly. Pounding his fists on table in frustration, he says that it is not right. He says that he have to get him back. He adds that he will do it after he eats the chicken from his subconscious. He takes a fork and eats a piece of the chicken. The snow leopard's scream is heard. Mr. Turner holds onto the pan with the chicken in it. He furiously yells at the snow leopard to get his own orange chicken.

The scene changes to show Mr. Ed Leadly's Mansion. Mr. Turner is shown hiding under the bird bath. He says that he is going to sneak up to Mr. Ed Leadly's house and get Sparky back. He sneaks up to the front door. He presses a button to speak to someone inside. Mr. Turner takes out the flags and tells Mr. Ed Leadly that he is there to get Sparky back. Mr. Ed Leadly tells him to go inside. He adds that that way he can attack Mr. Turner legally. The scene shows the back of Mr. Ed Leadly on the top of a staircase. Mr. Turner opens the door and enters the mansion. Mr. Ed Leadly turns on a flashlight. Mr. Turner screams in surprise. Mr. Ed Leadly says that Mr. Turner is there to get Sparky back. He adds that he will have to get through his "lethal, but offbeat" security system. Mr. Turner starts to walk to the staircase. Mr. Ed Leadly flips a switch. Mr. Turner continues to walk. A piano falls, but this time Mr. Turner misses it and continues to walk. Mr. Turner says, "Nice try, but because of your abuse at work, I was ready for that. Mr. Ed Leadly flips another switch. A laser hits Mr. Turner. He eats the laser. He starts to glow and says that he is also immune to lasers and can harness its powers. Obviously now frustrated, Mr. Ed Leadly flips another switch. A door opens and a herd of bulls starts to walk out. Mr. Turner uses his laser powers to turn the bulls into meat. Mr. Turner says, "You might as well eat that, Mr. Ed Leadly. I had General Mao's Orange Chicken and I am not hungry anymore." Mr. Turner says that he will use his laser powers to get Sparky back. He shoots a lasers. Mr. Ed Leadly ducks. Mr. Turner walks up the stairs. He tells Mr. Ed Leadly to give Sparky to Mr. Turner or he will turner Mr. Ed Leadly into a pot roast. He says that he would give back Sparky, but he does not know where he is.

Meanwhile, Cosmo is shown is the hot tub, relaxing. He hears lightning shoots. He uses his cellphone to call Timmy. Timmy is shown playing checkers with Sparky in Timmy's room. A phone rings and Timmy answers it. Cosmo says that there is a big problem. He says that his big toe is stuck in one of the jets and is making a fart noise. He adds that Mr. Turner is shooting lighting bolts at Mr. Ed Leadly to get Sparky back. Timmy tells Sparky to go back to Mr. Ed Leadly's mansion. Sparky poofs away.

Mr. Turner and Mr. Ed Leadly are shown. Mr. Turner corners Mr. Ed Leadly and is going to roast him to death. Mr. Turner murderously apologizes for having to make Mr. Ed Leadly into a pot roast. Mr. Turner adds that Mr. Ed Leadly made Mr. Turner the monster he is. Sparky poofs into the mansion. Mr. Ed Leadly says Stop. He picks up Sparky and adds that Mr. Turner can have Sparky. Mr. Ed Leadly then throws Sparky. Mr. Turner catches Sparky. Mr. Ed Leadly says that Mr. Turner is the first person to stand up to Mr. Ed Leadly. He adds that Mr. Turner is not spineless. Mr. Ed Leadly walks away. Mr. Turner asks if he can keep his job. Mr. Ed Leadly says that Mr. Turner can because Mr. Ed Leadly is afraid to fire Mr. Turner, since he shoots lightning bolts from his fingers. Mr. Ed Leadly leaves the room. Mr. Turner tells Sparky that they are going home. Sparky licks Mr. Turner. Mr. Turner says, "I love you too, Sparky." Sparky corrects Mr. Turner by saying that Mr. Turner just had some orange chicken on his cheek. Mr. Turner asks if Sparky just talked. Sparky says, "No." Mr. Turner is okay with this response.

The next day, the Turner house is shown. Timmy and Sparky are shown eating at the table. There is another plate that is not being eaten by anyone. Timmy says that it is good to have Sparky home and that everything is back to normal. Using his lightning powers, Mr. Turner floats in holding a newspaper. Mrs. Turner arrives with a covered platter. She puts it down and opens it. A prepared bird with feathers still on it is on the platter. Mrs. Turner says that she under-cooked Dinner. Mr. Turner uses his lightning powers on the bird and he overcooks it. He tells his family that they are going to the Cake 'N' Bacon. He whistles and the snow leopard appears. The Turners and Sparky hop on the leopard's back. Mr. Turner says, "Snowflake away!" Snowflake the Snow Leopard rides away.

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