Doctor Robot
Doctor Robot
Gender: Male
Species: Robot
Homeworld: Chincinnati
Personal Information
  The Body of Evil (team)
Bronze Kneecap
Iron Lung
Copper Cranium
Gilded Arches
Brass Knuckles
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Webisode 1
Last Appearance:
  The Body of Evil

The Doctor Robot is a Crimson Chin villain that only appeared in the Crimson Chin Webtoons.


He is 60 feet tall and radioactive.


He is a large, golden robotic form of a robot and has robotic versions of a mustache, and goggles. He is also bald.


He was testing the reflex on the Bronze Kneecap's giant knee which had the Chin strapped onto. Cleft used Chinarangs to free the Chin.

After the reflex, the Doctor Robot played a game of Giant Doctor Golf. He freed the 5 villains from Chincinnati jail. They leapt into him and formed a The Body of Evil (Mech). The Chin attempted to defeat the villains, but the five villains were too much to him. Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder noted that the robot had everything but a heart so he asked his fairies for help. Cleft turned into the Heart of Gold. The Body of Evil and the Heart of Gold were fighting for a little bit, until Cleft implanted himself to the Body of Evil which turned it good. The Body spits out the villains to separate jail cells.


  • He is the first webtoons exclusive villain seen in the series.

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