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— "The Big Superhero Wish!"
Doctor C. Crocktopus
Stock Image of Doctor Croctopus.png
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Residence: Comic Book Dimmsdale
Hideout: Nega Chin's Lair
Personal Information
  Denzel Crocker
  Giving F's
  To destroy Timmy Turner and his friends
Nega Chin
The Baby Shredder
Mike the Evil Living Building
Crimson Chin
Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder
Ace and Clefto the Chin-Hounds
Super Children
Suit with mechanical arms
Anti-Magic Bubbles
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Big Superhero Wish!
Last Appearance:
  The Big Superhero Wish!
Voiced by:
Carlos Alazraqui

Doctor C. Crocktopus is the alter-ego of Mr. Crocker when Timmy wishes that everyone has superpowers. He and the rest of his team serve as the main antagonists of the episode The Big Superhero Wish!. His alter ego only appears in this episode.



Doctor Crocktopus wears a red and yellow suit, with a blue and yellow cape. He has a thick head of black hair, except for one small patch which is white. He also has 4 mechanical tentacles coming out of his sides, although it was revealed when they were chopped off toward the end of The Big Superhero Wish!, that one of them may have been organic. Most of his powers are based around giving F's. One example being his four tentacles giving him the ability to "give four F's at the same time". He also is able to blast magical blue waves of F's, and create F's made of fire. He also has the ability to create "anti-magic" bubbles, which he used to capture and trap The Chin-Hounds, it is impervious to most weaponry.


Doc Crock with his team.

He teams up with Nega-Chin, Bull-E, and The Baby Shredder to defeat Timmy Turner/Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder and the other Super Children. The four of them ambush the heroes in downtown Dimmsdale and quickly take down most of them. Cleft tries to wish the Doc Crock and the other villain's powers away but is cut off mid-sentence and wishes away the heroes' powers instead. Doc Crock then uses his "anti-magic" bubble to capture Ace and Clefto. Later, in the final battle with the "Everyday Heroes", Doc Crock is the second to be defeated, when his tentacles are cut off by the fire-woman. He faints (as one of the tentacles was not mechanical) and falls into the Janitor's trashcan. He, Bull-E and The Baby Shredder were wished back to their normal selves when Ace and Clefto were freed.


  • He is a parody Doctor Octopus of the Spider-Man series, his name obviously being a pun of Doctor Octopus.
  • He is also a parody of Marvel hero Doctor Strange. His actual costume (aside from the Doc Ock tentacles), resembles that of Doctor Strange's. Many of his magical based powers resemble those of Strange's. He could also be considered a parody of Doctor Strange's nemesis Baron Mordo, who has similar powers to Strange.
Doctor Crocktopus