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Written by Kevin Arrietta, Sindy Spackman
Storyboarded by Marcelo de Souza
Art Director Ernie Gilbert
Music by Guy Moon
Directed by Gary Conrad
"I Dream of Cosmo"
Written by Kevin Arrietta, Sindy Spackman
Storyboarded by Mike Nassar, Butch Hartman
Art Director Ernie Gilbert
Music by Guy Moon
Directed by Randy Myers, Michelle Bryan
Executive Producer Butch Hartman
Supervising Producer George Goodchild
Producer Ray DeLaurentis
Randy Saba
Story Editor Ray DeLaurentis
Writers Kevin Arrietta
Will Schifrin
Sindy Spackman
Kevin Sullivan
Production Manager Dasha Khailova
Script Coordinator Alec Schwimmer
Senior Production Coordinator Ken Mu
Production Coordinator Neil Wade
Production Assistants John Deligiannis
Stephanie Pecina
Executive Assistant Becky Wangberg
"Dinklescouts" Character Designer Stephen Silver
"I Dream of Cosmo" Character Designer Jeremiah Alcorn
"Dinklescouts" Layout Designer Larry Murphy
"I Dream of Cosmo" Layout Designer Bradley Gake
"Dinklescouts" Prop Designer Amber Harding
"I Dream of Cosmo" Prop Designer John Seymore
Model and Layout Cleanup Jose Hernandez
Ray Leong
Andre Nieves III
Nofio Pecoraro
Sydney Sharp
"Dinklescouts" Storyboard Revisionist Aminder Dhaliwal
"I Dream of Cosmo" Storyboard Revisionist Arielle Rosenstein
"Dinklescouts" Background Painter Lita Paguio
"I Dream of Cosmo" Background Painter Kristin Donner
"Dinklescouts" Color Stylist Jiny He
"I Dream of Cosmo" Color Stylist Niki Lopez
Final Checker Charlene Moncrief
The Fairly OddParents Theme Song by Ron Jones & Butch Hartman
Music by Guy Moon
Supervising Recording Engineer Justin Brinsfield
Assistant Recording Engineer Matt Corey
EMR Editor Mishelle Fordham
"Dinklescouts" Cast
Tara Strong Timmy/Poof
Susanne Blakeslee Wanda
Daran Norris Cosmo/Dad
Carlos Alazraqui Dinkleberg/Plate
Matthew W. Taylor Sparky/Nervous Scout
"I Dream of Cosmo" Cast
Tara Strong Timmy/Poof
Susanne Blakeslee Wanda/Mom
Daran Norris Cosmo/Dad/Radio Announcer
Carlos Alazraqui Dinkleberg
Matthew W. Taylor Sparky
Jim Ward Chet Ubetcha
Rob Paulsen Ed Leadly
Casting Director Shannon Reed
Casting Coordinator Lara Tran
Supervising Picture Editor Otto Ferrene
Post Production Supervisor Elizabeth Dee Edwards
Post Production Coordinator Lauren Slusser
Additional Post Production Services Kimberly Bowman
Jonathan Hylander
C.J. Kinyon
J.F. Kinyon
Ryan McFadden
Post Production Sound Services Advantage Post Sound Services
Sound Effects Editor Heather Olsen
Foley Artist John Lampinen
Foley Mixer Roy Braverman
Re-Recording Mixers Ray Leonard
Michael Beiriger, CAS
Digital Audio Transfer Rob Pratt
Kyle Hayden
Dialogue Editor Robbi Smith
Track Reading Services Slightly-Off Track, Inc.
Post Production Services CCI Digital
Telecine Colorist Greg Kibler
Animation Services Yeson Entertainment
Special Thanks Alison Dexter
David Steinberg
Rich Magallanes
Kelly Gardner
Vice President of Animation Production Dina Buteyn
Executive in Charge for Nickelodeon Dana Cluverius
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